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Charollais wins sheep title at Staffordshire County Show

Livestock numbers were up at this year's Staffordshire County Show

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Inter-breed sheep and Charollais champion, Oakchurch Alabama Slammer, from David Roberts

Inter-breed sheep and Charollais champion, Oakchurch Alabama Slammer, from David Roberts

A Charollais ewe from Dave Roberts, Kenley, Shropshire, made its show ring debut at the Staffordshire County Show and took the overall sheep inter-breed title.


The ewe, Oakchurch Alabama Slammer, was bought by Mr Roberts from Jeremy Price's Oakchurch dispersal sale last May for 3,000gns.

She is by the 15,000gns Cavick What a Boy, and out of Oakchurch Ruby, which Mr Roberts also bought at the dispersal sale for 6,000gns.

Mr Roberts, who last exhibited at the Staffordshire show five years ago when he also took the inter-breed title, keeps 15 Charollais ewes alongside Blue Texels, Dutch Spotted and Bleu Du Maine sheep. He will next take sheep to the Royal Three Counties Show.

Reserve in the sheep judging was a Leicester Longwool shearling ewe from Davina Stanhope, Shropshire.

Reserve sheep inter-breed and Leicester Longwool champion from Davina Stanhope

Again making a show ring debut, the ewe is part of a 68-head flock of Leicester Longwools, kept alongside 88 Cotswold and 30 Teeswaters ewes - some of which were also at the show for Ms Stanhope - and collected a number of first and second prizes in the Longwool section.


Numbers were up in the cattle section, and in the beef judging continental breeds took the overall champion and reserve inter-breed trophies.

The winner was a Limousin heifer, Garrowby Squiffy, shown by Anthony Sayer, Hilderstone, Staffordshire.

Beef inter-breed and Limousin champion, Garrowby Squiffy, from Anthony Sayer

This September 2021-born heifer was bred by Garrowby Limousins, and bought by Mr Sayer for 4,000gns at the Red Ladies Day at Carlisle last December.

She is by Ampertaine Foreman and out of Gunnerfleet Locks. Her full brother is the 10,000gns Garrowby Solomon.

Mr Sayer, who has four Limousins under the Willowvale prefix, explained this would be the first and last 2023 show outing for Squiffy, who has been flushed.

Reserve in the inter-breed was a Simmental cow, Wroxall Lovely Moira, shown with her eight-month-old heifer calf at foot, from the Evans family, Claverdon, Warkwickshire.

Reserve inter-breed and Simmental champion, Wroxall Lovely Moira, and her calf at foot from the Evans family

The heifer took the breed champion at the show last year, and will next head to the Royal Three Counties.

The Evans family, who held a herd reduction sale at Worcester market in April, still have about 80 cows within the Wroxall herd.

The native breed section was won by Hereford bull, Butterhill 1 Wiston, from R. Stubbs, Coppenhall, Staffordshire, and reserve went to the Highland heifer, Bonnie Millie, from R. and D. Bradley, Bradford, Yorkshire.


The dairy inter-breed title was taken by a Red and White second calver, Stowey Altitude Glamourous Red, from joint owners Andrew and Debbie MacKellar and David Gray, Drointon, Staffordshire.

Dairy inter-breed and Red and White champion, Stowey Altitude Glamourous Red, from A. and D. MacKeller and D. Gray 

The cow, a daughter of Farnear Altitude Red, was bought by the partnership for 6,000gns three years ago at the Spotlight sale in Somerset. She is descended from a record 22 generations of straight Excellent cows.

She was shown just 14 days fresh and will next take to the ring at the Royal Highland Show.

Runner-up in the dairy judging was Holstein heifer in-milk, Folemill Fitz Dewdrop, from Mark Whitehurst, Adderley, Shropshire.

Reserve dairy inter-breed and Holstein champion, Folemill Fitz Dewdrop, from Mark Whitehurst, Adderley, Shropshire 

This home-bred heifer is by Toc Farm Fitz, and is part of an 85-cow plus follower herd run by Mr Whitehurst. She calved in February.

A Large White gilt, Calcaria Primrose 14, from Rob Fieldhouse, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, took the pig championship.

Pig inter-breed and Large White champion, Calcaria Primrose 14, from Rob Fieldhouse 

The pig, which had previously picked up a second prize rosette at Nottinghamshire County show, will next head to the Great Yorkshire.

Reserve in the pig judging was a Large Black from Jack Holroyd, Preston. The sow, Addison Julia, was first in her class at last year's show and was also reserve traditional pig in the 2022 Young Pig of the Year judging.

Mr Holroyd keeps six Large Blacks, and his other show outings this summer include the Royal Cornwall, Royal Cheshire and the Royal Three Counties.



Inter-breed (Judge, M. Davies, Somerset) Supreme, A. and D. MacKellar and D. Gray, Stowey Altitute Glamorous (Red and White); reserve, M. Whitehurst, Folemill Fitz Dewdrop 4 (Holstein).

Holstein (H. Herd, Skipton) Sup., M. Whitehurst, Folemill Fitz Dewdrop 4; res., Hennikers Holsteins, Bentley Ford Padowan Laurie.

Dairy Shorthorn (A. Lawson, Fife) Sup., P. Jepson, Cotonhall Jackpot Starlet; res., R. and K. Boote, Kayl Proud Countess 51.

Jersey (J. Stubbs, Derbyshire) Sup., P. Cotton and L. Bradley, Valley Excitation Precious 2; res., T. and S. Warren, Hennikers Tequila FP Milkie.

Red and White (H. Herd) Sup., A. and D. MacKellar and D. Gray, Stowey Altitute Glamorous; res., A. and D. MacKellar, Drointon Jordy Edna.



Inter-breed (G. Green, Leicestershire) Sup., A. Sayer, Garrowby Squiffy (Limousin); res., C.H. Evans and Son, Wroxall Lovely Moira (Simmental).

Inter-breed native (G. Green) Sup., R. Stubbs, Butterhill 1 Winston (Hereford); res., R. and D. Bradley, Bonnie Millie (Highland).

Inter-breed continental (G. Green) A. Sayer, Garrowby Squiffy (Limousin); res., C.H. Evans and Son, Wroxall Lovely Moira (Simmental).

Hereford (T.D. Livesey, Derbyshire) Sup. and male, R. Stubbs, Butterhill 1 Winston; res. and female, S. Gethin, Ashnan 1 Fancy Kicks; res. male, R. and R.I. Shaw, Hallwood 1 Apollo; res. fem., R. and R.I. Shaw, Hallwood 1 Lady Jewel.

Simmental (T. Hill, Doncaster) Sup., C.H. Evans and Son, Wroxall Lovely Moira; R. Hartshorn, Isvale Nougat.

Limousin (C. Lewis, Welshpool) Sup. and fem., A. Sayer, Garrowby Squiffy; res. and res. fem., A. Sayer, Blaencwm Sarah.  

British Blue (W. Jones, Oswestry) Sup. and fem., D.W. and L.E. Morgan, Ty Isaf Precious; res. and res. fem., K. Allen, Solway View Shadow; male, N. Pritchard, Norton Reggie; res. male, M.J. and D. Madders and S. Johnson, Ingestre Steve The Bull.

Highland (P. Kettle, Grantham) Sup. and fem., R. and D. Bradley, Bonnie Millie; res. and res. fem., P. Harris, Maggie May 3 of Harris; male, P. Harris, Ernie of Yarcester; res., R. Wain, Alfie of the Rose.

Dexter (R. Hartshorn, Shropshire) Sup., S. Shirt, Geryon Bell; res., L. and J. Horton, Daybreak Mayfly.

Red Poll (M. Cheetham, Stoke on Trent) Sup., J.R. Williams, Pinguis Michall; res., J.R. Williams, Pinguis Emily 22.

Any other native breed (S. Gray, Herefordshire) Sup., T. Russell and S. Farmer, Derriaghy Samson (Beef Shorthorn); res., G.E. Tomlinson, Drumbeera Mercedes (Aberdeen-Angus).

Any other continental breed (G. Roberts, Welshpool) Sup., P. Jessop, Goldstar Sunshine (Charolais); res., P. Jessop, Harestone Royal Lady (Charolais).

Any other rare breed (R. Hartshorn) Sup., J. French, Greatwood Strawberry Dairymaid (Dairy Shorthorn Original Population); res., A. Stone, Woodhouse Belle (Irish Moiled).

Commercial (P. Sellers, Lincolnshire)



Inter-breed (S. Johns, Wrexham) Sup., D. Roberts (Charollais); res., D. Stanhope (Leicester Longwool).

Suffolk (H. Roberts, Oswestry) Sup., H. Turner; res., S. Thomas.

Texel (A. Williams, Shropshire) Sup., Mr and Mrs B.C. Stanley; res., E. Turner.

Charollais (D. Whitcher, York) Sup. and res., D. Roberts.

Shropshire (Y. Palmer, Bedfordshire) Sup., Coleman Family; res., C.A. and J.E. Morris.

Beltex (R. Francis, Carmarthen) Sup. and res., S. Fletcher.

Border Leicester (N. Howie, Northumberland) Sup., Mr and Mrs B.C. Stanley; res., D. Grinnall.

Blue Texel (A. Groucott, Monmouthshire) Sup., D. Roberts; res., C.J. Cormack and G.A. McDowell.

Any other pure native breed (Y. Palmer) Sup., S. Miles (Hampshire Down); res., H. and L. Grindley (Hampshire Down).

Any other pure continental breed (R. Francis) Sup. and res., D. Roberts.

Non-primitive (S. Stennett, Lincolnshire) Sup., A Fisher (Clun Forest); res., B. Slack and K. Gibson (Norfolk Horn).

Primitive (B. Pearson, Norfolk) Sup., B. Coventry (Soay); res., M. Ballard (Castlemilk Moorit).

Hebridean (H. Brewis, Newport Pagnell) Sup., V.C.K. Mason; res., D. Huddlestone.

Jacob (M. Wakelin, Ceredigion) Sup., R. and P.A. Bramley; res., Messrs Ridout and Higginson.

Ryeland (P. Gray, Halifax) Sup., A.G. Anslow; res., S. and Z. Unwin.

Coloured Ryeland (T. Evans, Carmarthen) Sup., M. Varmen; res., T. and G. Glover.

Southdown (G. Sprake, Suffolk) Sup. and res., D.C. Rhead.

Kerry Hill (S. Burgess, Dumfries) Sup. and res., A. Fisher.

Portland (D. Brewer, Somerset) Sup., P. Roberts; res., H. Stott.

Longwool (G. Steventon, Warwickshire) Sup. and res., D. Stanhope (Leicester Longwool).

Greyface Dartmoor (J. Hampstead, Lincolnshire) Sup. and res., S. Chadwick.

Butchers lambs (G. Hardman, Shropshire) Sup., R. Stubbs; res., B. Lawton.

Wool on the hoof (I. Brooksbank) Sup., T. and G. Glover (Ryeland); res., C.J. and G.A. Cormack (Blue Texel).



Inter-breed (A. Schofield, Lincolnshire) Sup., R. Fieldhouse, Calcaria Primrose 14 (Large White); res., J. Holroyd, Addison Julia (Large Black).

Welsh (A. Warriner, York) Sup., R. Bemand, Leysters Spring Julia 42; res., R. Bemand, Leysters Spring Emporer 15.

Large White (A. Warriner) Sup., R. Fieldhouse, Calcaria Primrose 14; res., R. Fieldhouse, Calcaria McFlannel.

Landrace (A. Warriner) Sup., C. Hudson, Maerose Skyliner 191; res., G. Bretherton, Maerose Dromus 121.

Pietrain (A. Warriner, York) Sup., J. and A. Newth Prestcombe Wadrif 2; res., J. and A. Newth, Prestcombe Alice 10.

Hampshire (A. Warriner) Sup., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Peterbilt 8; res., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Rainsinhall Anna 25.

Duroc (A. Warriner) Sup., Knaggs Farrier Services, Littleowls Hulk 324; res., Knaggs Farriers Services, Littleowls Havnbjerg 326.

Middle Whites (J. Cloke, Solihull) Sup., E. Paddock, Lewin Captain 3; res., M. Paddock, Eaves Carnation 8.

British Saddleback (J. Cloke) Sup., J and A. Newth, Prestcombe Golden Arrow; res., J. and A. Newth, Prestcombe Grand Duchess 7.

Gloucester Old Spot (J. Cloke) Sup., The Elms School, Elms School Primrose; res., S. Stone, Afton Dolly 4.

Large Black (J. Cloke) Sup., J. Holroyd, Addison Julia; res., C. Cunningham, Rimrock Skylark 5.

Berkshire (J. Cloke) Sup., S. Hudson Jones, Bleusky Mermaid; res., C. and R. Holtom, Spring Namatjira 3.  

British Lop (J. Cloke) Sup., M. Paddock, Eaves Duke 2; res., M. Paddock, Eaves Actress 5.

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