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Beef Shorthorn reigns supreme at Royal Norfolk

With the Prince of Wales a surprise visitor to present awards

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Beef Shorthorn reigns supreme at Royal Norfolk

MEONHILL Secret Katie, the Beef Shorthorn champion, went on to take the overall beef supreme title. Owned by L.E.P. Farms, Hampshire, the seven-year-old cow by Meonhill Playboy was shown with its fifth calf at foot and is in-calf again to Mineshop Mr T. The cow was shown by Mary Reynolds, who was presented with the champion trophy by the Prince of Wales.

Judge Mary Cormack, Herefordshire, said her champion was a great example of a working mum which had a great skin and topline, a good bag of milk and a tremendous calf at foot.

Mary Reynolds being presented with the supreme beef trophy by the Prince of Wales

In reserve was the Limousin champion, Brockhurst Tranquility, a March 2022-born heifer by Procters Mitsubishi from W.J. and M. Mash, Chesham, which had also been inter-breed champion at Suffolk Show.

Brockhurst Tranquility

Taking the championship at the Simmental national show was Popes Princess Immie from the Wood family, Preston. The 2017-born cow by Kilbride Farm Comber is out of Popes Princess Cleo, which was inter-breed champion at the Royal Welsh and Great Yorkshire Shows in 2019. It was shown with its third calf, a heifer by Popes Lethal Weapon, and is in-calf again to the same bull.


Sixty years after winning his first Royal Norfolk Show championship, Stephen Colbald, Sudbury, claimed the sheep inter-breed title with a Suffolk two-shear ewe from his Lavenham flock.

Bought from the Innes family's Strathbogie flock at the Three Nations sale in Carlisle last year, the daughter of Forkins McCoy out of a Strathisla Stifler sired ewe will be flushed later in the year.

The judge, John Geldard, Cumbria, said his champion was an outstanding ewe with tremendous character, carcase and top, and was the ideal modern Suffolk needed to breed both commercial lambs and breeding stock.

Suffolk and inter-breed sheep champion

Standing reserve was the Norfolk Horn champion, a home-bred shearling ewe from Neil Beaton and Son's Sandon flock, Ashdon, Essex, shown by Hamish Beaton. By a Gipping Mercury ram, it was also breed champion at Royal Three Counties Show.

Norfolk Horn and reserve inter-breed sheep champion


The pig supreme title went to the traditional and Large Black champion, Breckles Attempt 21, a July 2022-born boar by Addison Attempt from Paul Churchyard, Breckles, which is a litter sister to his Suffolk Show inter-breed champion.

In reserve was the modern champion, Tedfold Lena 180, an October 2022-born Duroc gilt by Littleowls Hulk 275 from Oliver Giles, Surrey, which had also been reserve inter-breed champion at Royal Cheshire Show.

Breckles Attempt 21 


In the dairy rings, C.W. Cawston, Bungay, claimed both the champion and reserve inter-breed titles for the first time. Taking the top spot was their Holstein champion, the home-bred Porlingland Bracelet 66, which went one better after being reserve champion last year and reserve breed champion at Suffolk Show.

Having calved its fourth in March, the daughter of Porlingland Uncle Sam is currently giving 50kg daily.

Poringland Bracelet 66 

Their Jersey champion, Bluegrass Chieftains Blackberry, a third calver by Bluegrass Chrysanthemums Chieftain which was bought in March, took reserve supreme after achieving the same placing at Suffolk Show.

Bluegrass Cheiftains Blackberry



Inter-breed (D. Hunter, Hertfordshire) Supreme, C.R. Cawston, Poringland Bracelet 66 (Holstein); reserve, C.R. Cawston, Bluegrass Chieftains Blackberry (Jersey).

Holstein (Judge, T. Barratt, Buckinghamshire) Sup., C.R. Cawston, Porlingland Bracelett 66; res., C.R. Cawston, Porlingland Honey 22.

Ayrshire (D. Hunter) Sup., T. Crawford and Co, Longwood Willow Sandy Rose; res., Harry's Ayrshires, Harry's Blackjack Primrose.

Jersey (R. Saxby, Lancashire) Sup., C.R. Cawston, Bluegrass Chieftains Blackberrry; res., B. Etteridge, Moonshine Glam Com Dance.

Any other breed (D. Hunter) Sup., Pearn Wyatt and Son (Dairy Shorthorn); res., T. Crawford and Co, Longwood TT Marie.


Inter-breed (M. Cormack, Herefordshire) Sup. and native fem., L.E.P. Farms, Meonhill Secret Katie (Beef Shorthorn); res. and sup. continental fem. and sup. junior, W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Tranquility (Limousin); res. native fem., S. Tedbury, Bachy 1 of Hardham (Highland); res. continental fem., J.H. Wood, Popes Princess Immie (Simmental); sup. native male, Longangus, Shadwell Blue Smoke X258 (Aberdeen-Angus); res. native male, P.H., S.E. and D.P. Powell, Shelsleys Biffo (Belted Galloway); sup. continental male, C. Curson, Cade Nugget (Simmental); res. continental male, J. and J. Rix, Wissington Trent (Charolais); native junior and res. sup. junior, Iken Hall Farms, Yarn Hill Acora (Lincoln Red); res. native junior, Black Ven Partnership, Black Ven Poll Stargazer 5 (Sussex).

Aberdeen-Angus (S. Dick, Stirling) Sup. and fem., Coley Walks Farm, Shadwell Blue Belle X280; res. and res. fem., K. Byford, Shadwell Jayne Erica Y317; male, Longangus, Shadwell Blue Smoke X258; res. male, J. Graves, Gladstone Duke Wilbur.

Beef Shorthorn (T. Brown, Northamptonshire) Sup. and fem., L.E.P. Farms, Meonhill Secret Katie; res. and male, G. Hunt, Farlam Lightening; res. fem., L.E.P. Farms, Meonhill Gemma; res. male, M. and H. Stoneham, Stanfordpark Sasquatch.

Belted Galloway (J. Landers, Wigtownshire) Sup. and male, S.E. and D.P. Powell, Shelsleys Biffo; res. and fem., B.J. and R.I. Burgess-Smith, Blackthorn Yasmin; res. male, D.R. and N.S. Chapman, Waveney Willy Wonka; res. fem., A. George, The Park Farm Perdi.

British White (R. Hartshorn, Shropshire) Sup. and fem., Rotac Farms, Woodbastwick Sorcha; res. and male, S. Cook, Alcroft Goliath; res. fem., Rotac Farms, Woodbastwick Babycham; res. male, A.P. Baskett, Fromus Mac.

Hereford (T. Jones, Powys) Sup. and fem., H. Whittaker, Coley 1 Duchess 609; res. and male, L. Jackson-Carr and D. Carr, Coley 1 Vincent; res. fem., M. Coates, Newtoncroft Patience 45s; res. male, P.R.J. and L.R. Vincent, Solpol 1 Sympa.

Highland (S. Hunter, Lanarkshire) Sup. and male, P. Harris, Eoin Mhor 5 of Harris; res. and fem., S. Tedbury, Bachy 1 of Harham; res.  male, I. Rainey, Prince Dubh of April; res. fem., I. Rainey, Elizabeth 28 of April.

Lincoln Red (L. Todd, Lincolnshire) Sup. and fem., E. Middleton, Holegate Jessie; res. and res. fem., Iken Hall Farms, Yarn Hill Acora; male, E. Middleton, Holegate Bandit; res. male, I. Rainey, Bates Moor Bruno.

Red Poll (A. Daw, Dyfed) Sup. and fem., D. Blunt, Abbey Honeysuckle; res. and res. fem., T. and H. Mancey, Moreton Lady Kenya.

South Devon (P. Harrison, North Yorkshire) Sup. and male, Heath Farms, Arncliffe Peer; res. and fem., Hi-Load, Kestle Dahlia 105; res. male, Hi-Load, Tregondale Alfie 3; res. fem., J. Archer, Janeric Echo.

Sussex (D. Masters, Kent) Sup. and male, Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Crusader 4; res. and fem., Montreal Estate, Montreal Poll Beauty 2; res. male, J. Howard, Coopers Regent 3; res. fem., Dunn and Chandler, Goldstone Iris 67.

Any other native breed (J. Landers) Sup. and fem., J. Crane, Fenland Emma (Murray Grey); res. and male, R. Creighton, Tannslane Terminator (Dexter); res. fem., R. Creighton, Endway Violet (Dexter); res. male, R. Creighton, Endway Gladiator (Dexter).

British Blue (D. Plested, Oxfordshire) Sup. and fem., J. Laight, Witham Bank Rita; res. and res. fem., Seels and Jack, Solway View Spice; male, Red Bull Farming, Kersey Solid.

British Charolais (D. McBeath, Stirlingshire) Sup. and fem., P. Germany, Hautbois Star; res. and male, J. and J. Rix, Wissington Trent; res. fem., P. Germany, Hautbois Tuesday.

British Limousin (D. McBeath) Sup. and fem., W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Tranquility; res. and res. fem., W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Sausage; male, W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Ted.

British Simmental (J. Moore, Co Tyrone) Sup. and fem., J.H. Wood, Popes Princess Immie; res. and res. fem., S.M. and P.A. Cade, Sterling Celia's Fifi; male, C. Curson, Cade Nuggett; res. male, A. Leedham, Grangewood Nobel.

Commercial (P. Parrott, Buckinghamshire) Sup., T. Lyon, Peach; res., W. Ketley, Daisy.


Inter-breed (J. Newth, Somerset) Sup. and traditional, P.E. Churchyard, Breckles Attempt 21 (Large Black); res. and modern, O. Giles, Tedfold Lena 180 (Duroc); res. traditional, M. Hicks, Windmill Star 38 (Gloucester Old Spot); res. modern, S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Peterbilt 8 (Hampshire).

Judge for all breeds - N. Kiddy, Bedfordshire.

Large Black - Sup. and male, P.E. Churchyard, Breckles Attempt 21; res. and fem., P.E. Churchyard, Breckles Granduer 26; res. male, K. Cullington, Langrick Super 2; res. fem., P.E. Churchyard, Breckles Granduer 25.

British Saddleback - Sup. and fem., D.J. and P. Foster, Tudor Molly 19; res. and res. fem., M. Naylor, Smarden Duchess 28; male, K. Cullington, Croftcottage Walter.

Gloucester Old Spot - Sup. and fem., M. Hicks, Windmill Star 38; res. and male, M. Hicks, Windmill Sambo 32; res. fem., M. Hicks, Windmill Princess Ann 29; res. male, D. Dallaway, Trewint Rufus 4.

Oxford and Sandy Black - Sup. and fem., J. Farrell, Nightingale Clarissa 5; res. fem., D. Aldous, Nautbois Alison.

Any other traditional breed - Sup. and fem., M. Hicks, Stoneymoor Golden Rose 64 (Tamworth); res. and male, O. Giles, Tedfold Revival 371 (Middle White); res. fem., M. Hicks, Windmill Golden Rose 2 (Tamworth); res. male, M. Keymur, Tentrees Peter Lad 560 (Berkshire).

Hampshire and Duroc - Sup. and fem., O. Giles, Tedford Lena 180 (Duroc); res. and male, S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Peterbilt 8 (Hampshire); res. fem., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Anna 26 (Hampshire); res. male, Raisinhall Peterbilt 9 (Hampshire).

Any other modern breed - Sup. and fem., D. Finch, Siskin Theresa 59 (Welsh); res. and male, D. Finch, Siskin Vulcan (Welsh); res. fem., D. Finch, Siskin Theresa 57 (Welsh); res. male, J. Harris, Oak Tree Danny 2 (Large White).


Inter-breed (J. Geldard, Cumbria) Sup., S. Colbald (Suffolk); res., N. Beaton and Son (Norfolk Horn).

Suffolk (L. Needham, Cumbria) Sup. and fem., res. fem. and res. male, S. Cobald; res. and male, G. and E. Beddie.

Blue Texel (D. Jones, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and fem., L. Beck; res. and male, V. Bowring; res. fem. and res. male, M.O. and W.J. Abram.

Hampshire Down (R. McFarlane, Stirlingshire) Sup. and male, A. and E. Jones; res. and fem. and res. male, A. Byford; res. fem., D. Middleditch.

Jacob (H. Higginson, Cheshire) Sup. and fem., L. Adams; res. and res. fem., C. Richardson; male and res. male, C.A. Coe and Son.

Lincoln Longwool (S. Johns, Cheshire) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. male and res fem., I. and L. Fairburn.

Norfolk Horn (D. Cassie, Warwickshire) Sup. and fem. and male, N. Beaton and Son; res. and res. fem., A. Christian; res. male, S. Leithall.

Southdown (A. Long, Herefordshire) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem. and res. male, F. Bethley.

Texel (A. Blackwood, Ayrshire) Sup. and fem., R. Wright; res. and res. fem., P. Longdin; male, R. Creighton; res. male, P. Castle.

Coloured Ryeland (D. Robinson, Cumbria) Sup. and fem. and res. male, J. Stone; res. and male, N. Burton; res. fem., P. Northern.

Greyface Dartmoor (S. Bullock, Cheshire) Sup. and fem. and res. male, B. Chapman; res. and male, S. Trow; res. fem., A. Collins.

Kerry Hill (S. Hill, Leicestershire) Sup. and male, A. Fisher; res. and fem. and res.  male, A. Bostock; res. fem., F. Cook.

Shetland (A. Harwood, West Sussex) Sup. and fem. and res. male, D. King; res. and male and res. fem., A. and P. Cowan.  

Beltex (S. Wilkinson, North Yorkshire) Sup. and fem., res. fem. and res. male, E. Jones; male, V. Bowring.

Any other primitive breed (A. Lyons, Somerset) Sup. and fem., M. Ballard (Castlemilk Moorit); res. and res. fem., K. Gibb and S. Long (Boray); male, B. Coventry (Soay); res. male, B. Pearson (Castlemilk Moorit).

Any other British down breed (A. Long) Sup. and male, J. Stone (Ryeland); res. and fem. and res. male, H. Lugsden (Poll Dorset); res. fem., K. Jewell (Ryeland).

Any other British longwool breed (S. Johns) Sup. and fem., M. Elliott (Teeswater); res. and male, H. Delaney (Romney); res. fem., A. Allen (Romney); res. male, S. Plenderleith (Wensleydale).

Any other native breed (A. Lyons) Sup. and fem., B. Lugsden (Border Leicester); res. and male, res. fem. and res. male, N. Whitehead (Lleyn).

Any other continental breed (S. Goldie, North Yorkshire) Sup. and fem. and res. male, G. and C. Watson (Charollais); res. and male and res. fem., S. McInnes Skinner (Bleu du Maine).

Butchers lambs (S. Goldie) Sup., Hilgay Livestock; res., B. Lockhart.











FARM TO LET on behalf of The Duchy of Lancaster, Bagshaws LLP

FARM TO LET on behalf of The Duchy of Lancaster,





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