Saturday 10 June, 2023

Johnes Disease - The impact in your flock

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Our expert panel also discuss Virbac's Gudair vaccine and how the vaccine provides reassurance and performance in livestock against this Ovine disease.

Often fatigued sheep can be seen as signs of fluke or similar illnesses but that may not be the case and shockingly Ovine Johnes Disease is the cause.

What is Johnes Disease (OJD)?

Johne's Disease is a chronic wasting disease; the infection causes inflammation of the gut, so animals are not able to absorb the nutrients they require. They get thinner and thinner and essentially starve to death.

Round Table Attendees

Fiona Lovatt, MA VetMB PhD MRCVS, Sheep Specialist Peers Davies 

Ben Strugnel, BVM&S Cert PM MRCVS, Farm Post mortems Ltd

Ben Briggs, Editor In Chief, Farmers Guardian

Maddy Lewis, Sheep Farmer, Gudair User

Ioan Humphreys, Sheep Farmer

Bizza Walters, Sheep Farmer