Monday 11 December, 2023

Small changes can improve farm security - 'a well-lit farmyard can deter potential intruders'

Tom Shelbourne, from West Country Tech, has worked in rural security for the last seven years, and here he reminds farmers that small changes can really help increase security on farm.

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Small changes can improve farm security - 'a well-lit farmyard can deter potential intruders'

Rural crime is a persistent challenge, with machinery, tools, and livestock often becoming targets due to the isolated nature of farming locations and, sometimes, a lack of adequate surveillance. The rise in demand for agricultural equipment and livestock in black markets has only added to this concern.

So, what small changes can farmers make to improve their security situation? An initial step could be investing in suitable lighting. A well-lit farmyard can deter potential intruders who often prefer to operate under the cover of darkness.

Maintaining up-to-date records and marking property can also prove highly beneficial. Documenting serial numbers, taking photographs, and marking equipment with postcodes can aid the police in identifying and returning stolen goods.

Moreover, investment in technology is a necessity. Effective CCTV systems can deter criminals and provide crucial evidence if a crime does occur. Livestock cameras allow for real-time monitoring and help prevent rustling.

In our seven years of experience, we have noticed that insufficient surveillance is the most common security gap on farms. Many still rely on outdated security systems, making them vulnerable to criminal activity. Modern security solutions like high-definition CCTV cameras and advanced access control systems can bridge this gap, providing farmers with peace of mind and improved asset protection.

The landscape of farm security is undoubtedly changing. The rise in rural crime, coupled with advancements in technology, has necessitated a more proactive, comprehensive approach to farm security.

Farmers are also acknowledging the benefits of faster internet connections. Reliable, high-speed internet not only enhances the efficiency of surveillance systems but also supports remote monitoring and facilitates opportunities for smart farming.

While the threat of rural crime persists, simple steps and technological investments can significantly enhance farm security. The key is to stay vigilant, understand evolving threats, and make the necessary adjustments.

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