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Partner Insight: Choosing the right electric fencing for your farming system with Gallagher Europe

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Partner Insight: Choosing the right electric fencing for your farming system with Gallagher Europe

A reliable, affordable and adaptable fence is a necessity for any livestock farmer. Whether you have a herd of cattle, a flock of sheep, or both, a safe boundary for your animals is a valuable and worthwhile investment. However, finding the right solution for your operational needs is paramount to making your farm work effectively for you.

From harnessing the power of wireless technology to creating the world's most powerful energiser, Gallagher Europe are at the forefront of farming innovation and electric fencing solutions.

Offering a wide range of electric fencing options, Gallagher Europe continues to expand its dealer distribution network in the UK to support customers who use their products and allow farmers to choose the right fencing solution for them.

Sharing solutions

Learning from other farmers, countries and systems, can be invaluable when making decisions on your own farm.

"New Zealand is recognised on the global stage for producing efficient and effective agricultural solutions that work in a range of climates and many UK farmers have seen the benefits of using some of the tried and tested solutions developed there," says Mark Oliver, regional sales manager UK and Scandinavia.

Offering both permanent and portable electric fence systems, Gallagher Europe's products have many advantages and UK farms can readily tailor these to their livestock needs.

"It doesn't matter if you want to keep cattle secure or protect your livestock or crops by excluding animals - we can help anyone who needs to keep animals in or out."

Why choose electric fencing for sheep?

Unlike many other animals, sheep can be outdoors almost all year round and with their wool acting as an insulator to electricity, effective electric fencing solutions are crucial to keeping sheep safe. In addition, sheep are constantly on the move, grazing in different areas and therefore, setting clear boundaries is required.

Taking less time, effort and cost than traditional, non-electric fencing, electric fencing is a cost-effective option.

Types of electric fencing for sheep

To ensure livestock needs are met, Gallagher Europe offer a selection of both permanent and mobile fencing options to adapt to any farm set up; the two most common solutions for this are SmartFence and sheep netting

"We don't stop until we find a solution for a challenge and we are inspired by our customers. If one has a challenge, it feels like ours as well," says Mark Oliver.

If fences are already in place, there is also an alternative option to electrify an existing fence using distance insulators.

Furthermore, with the bottom wire of a sheep fence close to the ground, growing vegetation is quite likely to touch the wire. However, the powerful Gallagher fence energiser  will singe the grass once it is touched and as a result, retain plenty of power on the fence.

With a good conductor, such as a high tensile wire, combined with a powerful Gallagher fence energiser, farmers can secure the area effectively.


Why choose electric fencing for cattle and dairy cows?

For other livestock needs, such as cattle and dairy, welfare and safety remain at the forefront of Gallagher Europe's fencing solutions.

Non-electric and dangerous barbed wire fencing, can damage the animals' skin or- even worse- the udder- unlike electric fencing which is a safe, economical, and long-lasting alternative.

Types of electric fencing for cattle and dairy cows

For dairy farms, the High Tensile fence is useful for a permanent cattle barrier whereas mobile fences are ideal for grassland management or strip grazing.

The latter movable solution can work in combination with many forms of ration grazing, achieving more yield from your grassland.

From the ring top pole to the grid spider, farmers can tailor the products to their farming requirements.

Similar to fencing for sheep, farmers can also electrify an existing mesh or wood fence with space insulators.

Cows and sheep: Electric fencing that works for both

If farmers have several types of livestock, then the multi wire ring top pole is a great solution. Equipped with three extra insulators, the wires can be stretched to different heights, meaning that with one post, you can have an immediate fence for cows and sheep.

Find out more

To learn more about which electric fencing solution will work best for your farm, installation and best practice advice or a full technical breakdown, visit the Gallagher.eu website.

For more on farm solutions, visit the NZAgritech hub.


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