Crowds flock to Scotgrass 2010

THE annual grassland event was held at the SAC Crichton Royal’s Acrehead unit this week, and bathed in sunshine and success as visitors topped 5,000 for the one-day demonstration.

Event organisers, the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), said that around 4,750 visitors paid on the gate, and farmers were regsitered from as far afield as Aberdeen to Devon, Colchester to Cork and included visitors from Estonia, Iran and Zimbabwe.

Crowds flocked to the new observation decks at the silage clamp and were full all day, plus a tractor-trailer bus service delivered thousands to well over 100 acres (40 hectares) of demonstration plots.

Scotgrass organiser Duncan Russell said: “A terrific day on an ideal site with an excellent host and the knowledgeable crowd really appreciated the working demonstrations put on by our members.”

Hugh McClymont, who manages the SAC Crichton Royal unit, said: “I knew early in the morning we were in for a bumper day when I found eight Irish coaches parked in the farmyard, seven from the north and the eighth having left Cork at midnight.”

The new Knowledge Transfer Centre proved a popular addition with the British Grassland Society, DairyCo, Ecosyl, Maize Growers’ Association, Quality Meat Scotland, SAC and SEPA all seeing a steady flow of enquiring producers throughout the day. There was also full attendance at the international forage management seminar, presented by Dr Shirley Heron, at SAC Crichton Royal’s Visitor Centre.

“Despite the poor growing conditions that have affected producers throughout the UK this spring, we were able to deliver enough grass for all the demonstrations and that brought a lot of interest in our grassland management techniques,” added Mr McClymont.

“Crichton Royal is an ideal venue for knowledge transfer, we had grass, slurry, farm yard manure, fertiliser management, soil maintenance and waste management on show and over 150 people watched the afternoon milking. The traffic management changes were also a success and we got the huge crowd in and out of the site quickly, efficiently and safely.”

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