Agritechnica 2013: Kemper reveals massive 20-row maize header prototype

Known as the 20:20 concept, Kemper has produced a massive 20-row maize header to see if such a machine is required or necessary by the year 2020 – hence its name.

Currently in consultation with contractors across Europe, the company is also developing its small drum technology, which it uses on the header to cut and convey material, to see if it can be used on the rest of its range.

It says trials have shown the small drum concept works with large amounts of material and should therefore work with smaller headers.

Several issues have arisen with the 20:20 concept. Transport is one as the 15-metre (49ft 2ins) wide machine can only fold so much and will require a trailer.

Soil compaction is an issue too, due to its weight and current forager spouts are also too short which does not allow tractors and trailers to run alongside the header.

And while the header has been tested with several makes of foragers, there is still not one powerful enough to use it to its full potential. Perhaps Kemper’s owners John Deere might be able to offer something.

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