Overalls test: Fendt by Works

Getting them on - 7/10

A little bit tight over the shoulders.

General fit - 7/10

Everything where it should be, with no excess material to catch on things.

Quality of material - 8/10

Very good. Durable, without being too hot or heavy.

Quality of finish - 8/10

Well put together.

Pocket space, size, location and usefulness - 6/10

On the whole, good, but the breast pocket has an extra pocket stitched on the outside of it which sticks out, catches debris and weighs down the overalls.

Manoeuvrability - 7/10


Protection, warmth and safety - 9/10

Main strength. It features a storm flap, double thickness knees and high visibility bits so you can be easily seen around the yard.

Fastenings - 8/10

Good combination of zip and velcro.

Value for money - 7/10

Best price - £42.97 from a dealer. Quite dear, but ok for price.

Style - 8/10

Not bad. Features trendy black and green flashes.

Total score - 75/100

Worth considering.

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