Lamma 2012: Groundhog improves slurry tanker stability

Dales Agri Services has engineered its Groundhog slurry tanker range to provide a lower centre of gravity than traditional tanker designs, in a bid to reduce the risk of roll-overs.

Reducing overall tanker height has been achieved by passing the axle through the tank – but manufacturing a tubular sleeve that runs through the tank has enabled the firm to pass a solid axle through the tanker.

Doing so maintains a degree of flexibility between axle and body to isolate the running gear from the tank structure, says the firm.

Tyres are 30.5 R32 and are recessed into the tanker body to maintain a narrow track-width without affecting overall stability.

A sprung drawbar is part of the standard specification, which sees prices start at £12,600.

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