Round-up of company news

WHAT’S happening business-wise in and around the livestock sector.


  • Kentaurus wins NIAB cup

FOR the first time in six years, a maize has won NIAB’s variety cup.

Kentaurus, a high yielding, ultra-early variety from KWS, was chosen for its ‘excellent balance of yield, early maturity and quality’.

  • Elanco strengthen team

THE team at Elanco Animal Health has expanded, with Guy Swindlehurst covering trade in northern England and the Midlands, Matthew Evans, trade in southern England and Wales, and Sara Etell, vet accounts in southern England, as well as some trade.

They will be supported by Lindsay Rochford, Elanco’s new ruminant veterinary adviser.

  • Countrywide ‘excellence’

FOR its service, advice and customer service, Countrywide has been named ‘distributor of the year’ at the 2010 Over the Counter awards.

The company’s ‘excellence’ in the sale and distribution of animal health products via SQPs was highlighted.

  • JSR’s new contract

PIG genetic company JSR has signed a contract with Guangzhou Animal Husbandry Company in Beijing, China, to supply 1,100 gilts and boars to create a high health status nucleus herd.

It is the second nucleus herd to be created in China by JSR this year, with staff from both units spending three months in the UK for specialist training with JSR.

  • Vitrition’s extra capacity

INVESTMENT in a new cooler and crumbler will increase capacity at Vitrition’s organic feed mill at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, part of Kiotech International.

It will also allow customers to chose ‘crumbed’ products for different types of birds.

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