Tesco outlines British pledge in newspaper adverts

TESCO has taken out double page adverts in national newspapers spelling out its commitment to British farmers, following the pledges made by Tesco chief executive at the NFU conference.

Other retailers have started outlining their positions on British sourcing as the horse meat scandal prompts a rush for British, traceable food products.

The Tesco adverts, which dedicate one page to the statement ‘What Burgers Have Taught Us’, state that the retailer has learned that it needs to improve the way it sources its food.

“We’ve been working on it, but we need to keep going, go further move quicker. We know that our supply chain is too complicated. So we’re making it simpler,” the advert said.  

“We know that the more we work with British farmers the better. We’ve already made sure that all our beef is from the UK and Ireland. And now we’re moving on to our fresh chickens. By July, they’ll all be from UK farms too. No exceptions.”

The advert pledges to support farmers and to ensure Tesco’s customers’ eat well. It ends: “Seriously. This is it. We are changing.”

Closing the NFU conference on Wednesday, NFU president Peter Kendall welcomed Tesco’s continued pledges to back British farmers and said he asked his commodity boards to ‘hold the retailer to account’ and ensure it delivers on its promise.

Sainsbury’s has also reiterated its commitment to British food. In a statement, it said: “All of our fresh chicken has been British for over ten years and all of our frozen chicken has been British for over six years.

“All of the chicken in our fresh ready meals, pies, sandwiches, quiches and soups is also 100 per cent British and we have begun using British chicken in our frozen chicken ready meals.”

The statement adds all the chicken, pork and beef in our fresh ready meals, pies and sandwiches, quiches and soups are 100 per cent British with the exception of continental meats such as chorizo.

Sainsbury’s says all its fresh beef products are made using ‘British or Irish beef’, including beef burgers, mince, steak and joints, while all frozen beef burgers, mince and cuts of beef are also British or Irish.

“Our lamb is British when it is in season and New Zealand out of the British season – we are working with British farmers who supply us to extend the British season,” it said.

It also highlights the British eggs, duck and turkeys sold in its stores, as well as the pork products sold in its cafes and its Taste The Difference bacon and gammon.

The Co-operative’s head of product development, Kate Jones apologised to customers over horse meat contamination of Co-op products but said the retailers was taking steps to ensure doesn’t happen again when she addressed the NFU conference on Wednesday.

She also outlined the Co-op’s commitment to British food, insisting it was leading the way in some categories, including being the only retailer to source 100 per cent British beef, pork, chicken and turkey.

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  • ??? All talk mr tesco !!! Just a P.R job

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  • Tesco shold remove THE THREE BADGERS from its logo as it is NO more a friend to them. Hypocrites!!

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  • The contract price potato growers who grow for Tesco in the 2013/14 season according to the British Potato Council should be based on a very min price to the farmer of £200 / tonne. Tesco seem to have squeezed its main supplier to issue contracts around £50 less than this however this before horse gate !

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  • after a visit to my local tescos store i noticed they have just started selling beef labeled slaughterd in the uk. so much for buying british

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  • Listenening to the radio on the way back from the school run, Tesco is now pledging to use only meat sourced from the uk and Ireland. Too late! You have driven farmers to the brink with your cost cutting. Farmers and consumers take a stand say NO and don't trust a word that they say.

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  • Sainsbury say the have been using British chicken, they need to check there suppliers and where they are getting the chicken from is it British or from EC countries:- Holland, Poland, Belgium just too name a few that I know are used in chicken industry over the last 10 years.

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  • It's not just farmers that Tesco are screwing. How many food manufacturers - British or other - have they bankrupted through sharp practices and sheer greed. Almost without exception they are regarded in industry as the customer of last resort, "the nasty supermarket". The sooner they go bust the better. Britain is better off without them.

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