Glastir and SAF deadlines loom for Welsh farmers

WITH only a week to go, the Welsh Assembly Government is urging farmers across Wales to return their Single Application Form (SAF) 2010 by the deadline date – Monday 17 May.

Officials are also stressing that it is especially important to get the forms in on time this year as the SAF is the means by which farmers can express an interest in joining Glastir, the Welsh Assembly Government’s new sustainable land management scheme.

“I urge farmers to act now and tick the appropriate box on the SAF to stake a claim for support under Glastir in 2012,” said Assembly Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones.

“They are not entering into any obligation by doing so and this opportunity is not one that farmers should miss.”

In order to take advantage of the support under Glastir during its first year, 2012, farmers must either tick the All-Wales box or both the All-Wales and Targeted element box on the SAF.

The boxes found are in section 2 at question 8. In Section 10, they should also identify the land eligible for Glastir. Farmers with holdings of more than 3 hectares may be eligible to apply.

For anyone who does not currently receive and complete a SAF there is still time to apply to Glastir but there is a need to act promptly.

They should contact the nearest Assembly Divisional Office and apply for a Customer Reference Number (CRN) and a form to register the land (FM3).

The Assembly Government’s Rural Payments Division will then do everything possible to ensure a SAF form is sent out ─ but an extension to the deadline for Glastir purposes only will be granted in these circumstances until June.

Expressing an interest in joining Glastir on the SAF form does not mean you are obliged to apply.

However, ticking the box(es) provides the trigger for officials in the Rural Affairs Department to produce the appropriate maps and applications packs to be sent out to you in the autumn.

That is the point at which a person must decide whether Glastir is right for them and their business.

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