Early Easter helps lamb prices surge

AN early Easter has helped push lamb prices at Welsh auction markets higher than normal for this time of year, according to the Wales-based red meat promotion agency, Hybu Cig Cymru.

“Lamb prices have recorded some increases in recent weeks as prices rise in line with the seasonal trend in the run-up to Easter,” says HCC’s industry information officer, John Richards.

“At 213p per kg in the week ending March 31, prices have increased by around 15p per kg since the end of February,” he said.

“Liveweight prices remain ahead of 2011 levels, but this is being driven by Easter falling a fortnight earlier this year.”

There is a warning, though, that expectations of another year of record prices for Welsh sheep farmers may not be realised throughout 2012 due to an increase in the supply of lamb produced in the southern hemisphere.

Deadweight prices have also picked up as increases in the liveweight trade has exerted upward pressure.

The price at the end of March increased by over 14p to average 458.6p per kg deadweight, representing the largest week-on-week increase recorded so far in 2012.

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