Dairy farmers in for tough winter, warns TFA

THE TFA is warning many tenanted dairy farms face a difficult winter as the price they are paid for milk continues to lag behind costs of production.

TFA national vice chairman and North Yorkshire dairy farmer Stephen Wyrill said the past few months have ‘felt like a real battle for the survival of our dairy industry’. 

He added: “The price reductions that milk processors and retailers attempted to foist on to dairy farmers through the summer would have had a crippling and devastating affect had they been allowed to take effect. 

“The work of the dairy coalition buoyed by the peaceful, effective protests of individual grassroots farmers has meant that we have avoided potential Armageddon”.

“Despite all of this dairy farmers, particularly in the tenanted sector who at this time of the year are having to find six months rent for their landlords, feel that they are existing on a knife edge. 

“With a very difficult harvest and the lack of quality maize and other forage crops, feed and fodder costs are going to raise costs of production again this winter. 

“All dairy farmers are aware of the need to be as efficient as possible but many of the costs that they face are beyond their control.  Unless we see further increases in the prices paid to dairy farmers many will yet again find themselves in a loss-making position this winter.”

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