Welsh single payment entitlements maintain value

WELSH single payment entitlements sold at up to 2.32 times their annual value, reaching £1,220/unit in Jones Peckover’s January auction in St Asaph.

The largest catalogued lot of 74.52 units sold privately before auction, as did 47 and 31 unit lots. It was a 26 unit lot (value £526.33/unit) which achieved the highest sale price.

At 2.2 times annual value, 12.16 units made £1,100. The largest lot auctioned of 51.9 units, with a unit value of £240.84, made £341.44/unit (1.42 times the annual value).

Sold at £80/unit was a 7.2 unit lot with an annual value of £88.98/unit.

In the same sale last year, the highest multiplier was 2.95 for stacked entitlement on two units selling at £12,700/unit.

Auctioneer Sion Jones said CAP reform did not yet appear to be affecting trading values, with buyers taking the view of being able to claim three full payments.

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