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Changing planning landscape provides farming challenges

30 January 2015

HOUSE building in the UK will have to return to levels not seen since the early 1980s if it is to keep up with demand, new figures have revealed.

Farmers vent fury over Red Tractor lifetime assurance plans

30 January 2015

Livestock producers vented their fury amid rowdy scenes at the first of the Red Tractor Assurance consultation meetings on proposals to move to lifetime assurance for beef. Tony McDougal reports from Devon

First Milk reveals it lost £12.1m in just six months

30 January 2015

THE full extent of First Milk’s financial challenge has been revealed at its AGM.

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Muller / Dairy Crest: Views of the deal

13 November 2014

Like many Dairy Crest farmers, Richard Pearman said he was ‘shocked’ when he heard about the sale, but believed it was a ‘good proposal’ in the long-term.

Muller Wiseman

Muller's purchase of Dairy Crest liquid division welcomed

13 November 2014

MULLER’S £80 million cash deal to buy the Dairy Crest dairies business was broadly welcomed by farmers, industry chiefs and market analysts.

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Become an exceptional leader

13 August 2013

THE old-fashioned view of leadership is that leaders are marked out for leadership from early on in their lives; and that if you are not a born leader, there’s little you can do to become one.

8 secrets of success from Richard St. John

13 August 2013

Why do people succeed? Is it because they’re smart? Or are they just lucky?

Ten habits of great Tweeters

13 August 2013

You’ve adopted social media. You have a Twitter account. Now what?

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Walkway passages have been designed to be wider to allow cows to move around more freely.  PICTURES: Marcello Garbagnoli

‘Dairy alternatives’ a growing threat to sector

January 30, 2015

WHILE the current volatility within the dairy sector is a challenge for dairy producers, the future for the industry is bright, said Dr Judith Bryans, Dairy UK chief executive.


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