Vogel and Noot to sell direct in the UK

Vogel and Noot is to sell direct to dealers in the UK after mutual split with Bomford Turner.

Vogel noot
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Paul and Finlay Basset will be in charge of all sales and marketing operations in the UK for the Austrian firm and is hoping to build on the six dealers already appointed in the UK. There will also be a parts store in the UK.

Vogel and Noot claims to be the number one plough manufacturer in Europe after it produced 4,700 units in 2008. As well as poughs up to 12 furrows they also have a range of tine and disc cultivators. Area manager, Klaus Pinitsch says they are continuing to develop a min-till drill that uses a combination of discs and tines for cultivation, which they hope to have at Agritechnica.

For now as well as power harrow mounted drills Vogel and Noot can fit a disc coulter drill to its Terralift chassis that converts mounted disc and tine cultivators to trailed machines.

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