TV show's impact on NZ pig industry

An 'ambush' television presentation has created big problems for New Zealand’s pig industry.

Increased consumer awareness of the challenges faced by pig farmers is one good thing to come from last week’s pig welfare controversy, according to NZ Pork chief executive Sam McIvor.

With reports coming in of falling pork and bacon sales, it would be hard to think of any other positives for pig farmers from an ‘ambush’ television presentation of intensive housing conditions.

It was claimed these were typical of the whole industry and sales of pork, bacon and ham have plummeted, affecting all 300 New Zealand producers, those with free-range and confinement facilities.

Mr McIvor said NZ was ahead of most other countries with improvements to pig welfare, although Britain got rid of sow stalls and had lost 50 per cent of its market to imported products from countries with lower standards.

The New Zealand Farmers Weekly

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