Suffolk County Show results


Dairy inter-breed (Judge, C. Window, Hunnington) Supreme, S. and J. Dain, Foxhole Duplex Pamela (Holstein); reserve, T. Crawford and Co, Moorside Marie 7 (Ayrshire).

Holstein (J. Daw, Swindon) Sup., S. and J. Dain, Foxhole Duplex Pamela; res., C.R. Cawston, Poringland Florence 8.

Any other dairy breed (C. Window) Sup., T. Crawford and Co, Moorside Marie 7 (Ayrshire); res., Moonshine Jerseys, Moonshine Hallmarks Lady Aster (Jersey).

Beef inter-breed (A. Fotheringham, Perth) Sup., D. and L. Sapsed, Dirnanean Sarah 58 (British Simmental); reserve, W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Bolshoi (Limousin).

Native inter-breed (A. Fotheringham) Sup., M., T., A. and B.J. Wyand, Primrose Edward (Hereford); res., A. Brown, Hawstead Lodge Peter (Aberdeen Angus).

Red Poll (H.R. Philipson-Stow, Malvern) Sup., J. Broughton, Nobodys Allspice; res., I.N. Thomson, Lavenham Ruby.

Dexter (B.T. Stamp, Exeter) Sup., P. And S. Rampley, Bride Valley Maka; res., S.R. and R. Creasey, Langley End Alison.

Aberdeen-Angus (W.T. Arnott, Kelso) Sup., A. Brown, Hawstead Lodge Peter; res., A. Brown, Hawstead Lodge Pamela.

Hereford (R.A. Bradstock, Hereford) Sup., M., T., A. and B.J. Wyand, Primrose Edward; res., Newtoncroft Farms, Newtoncroft 1 Sarwan.

British Charolais (N.W. Smith, Eye) Sup., Wissington Charolais, Wissington Diva; res., M.E. and J.A. Wickes, Moathall Diablo.

British Simmental (E. Thornhill, Wellington) Sup., D. and L. Sapsed, Dirnanean Sarah 58; res., L.J. Dowley, Theberton Wellington.

Limousin (M. Fieldson, Gainsborough) Sup., W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Bolshoi; res., Barwood and Padfield, Withersdale Donna.

South Devon (R. Hartshorn, Telford) Sup., M.E. Broom and O. Brewin, Welland Valley Crusader 5; res., C. Hanton, Brettles SAS Bluebell 15.

Highland (P. Kettle, Grantham) Sup., G.J.H. Rainey, Netty 4 of April; res., J. Ayres, James of Reeches.

Longhorn (P. Close, Berwick on Tweed) Sup., A.K. Clarke and Sons, Trelawny Image; res., Mr and Mrs G.H. Wild, Riffhams Velvet.

Any other pure beef breed (A. Fotheringham) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Bringlee Electra (British Blue); res., R. Partridge and Son, Kersey Domino (British Blue).

Commercial (A.C.R. Stubbs, Northwich) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Diesel (Limousin x); res., C. Collins Farming Enterprises, That’s My Babe (Blonde d’Aquitaine x).


Inter-breed (B. Glaves, Scarborough) Sup., D. Middleditch (Hampshire Down); res., M.J. and J.A. Pinny (Suffolk).

Suffolk (A. Wilson, Melrose) Sup. and res., M.J. and J.A. Pinny.

Jacob (D.E. Tuffney, Newark) Sup., A.R. and J. Smith; res., C. Smith.

Charollais (N. Oughton, Moreton-in-Marsh) Sup., Oxpasture Farming; res., J. and C. Maxwell.

Hampshire Down (A. Power, County Limerick) Sup., D. Middleditch; res., Banks and Green.

Texel (B. Smith, Towcester) Sup., N. and E. Pamplin; res., S.H.C. Rawlings.

Longwool (B. Enderby, Spalding) Sup. and res., S. Holdich (Wensleydale).

Norfolk Horn (D. Bull, Huntingdon) Sup., B. Lugsden; res., Catfield Hall.

Southdown (R.H. Backshall, Newbury) Sup., A. Allen; res., B. Cooper.

Other native breeds (J. Thorley, Malvern) Sup. and res., B. Lugsden (Dorset Down).

Other continental breeds (J.R. Taylor, Ely) Sup., G.N. Pamplin (Beltex); res., J. McInnes Skinner (Bleu du Maine).

Commercial sheep (A.C.R. Stubbs, Northwich) Sup., S. Amoss (Texel x); res., J. Waspe (Texel x).


Inter-breed (J. Davy, Needingworth) Sup., Finch, Siskin Theresa 24 (Welsh); res., P. Churchyard, Stokedoyle Lollie 279 (British Saddleback).

White pigs (J. Davy) Sup., D. Finch, Siskin Theresa 24 (Welsh); res., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Withersfield Royal Catalina 19 (Large White).

Coloured pigs (J. Davy) Sup., P. Churchyard, Stokedoyle Lollie 279 (British Saddleback); res., Mr and Mrs Vince, Deben Vale Dandy 1 (Oxford Sandy and Black).

Commercial pigs (J. Davy) Sup. and res., P.D. and G.S. Mortimer (Large White x Landrace x Maximus).

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