Royal Welsh Show: Ingrams win sheep inter-breed for the second year running

FEMALES dominated the sheep judging on day three of the show, with shearling ewes from the Charollais and Suffolk breeds taking top honours.

The overall inter-breed winner, whittled down from more than 3,200 individual sheep and more than 40 breeds, was a Charollais from brothers Gregor and Bruce Ingram, who had made the trip down from Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. The Ingram family also took the inter-breed title at last year’s Royal Welsh show.

This year’s winner, which was breed champion at the Royal Highland Show, was sired by Crogham Hannibal II out of a ewe which was bought for 2,400gns from the Dalby flock production sale two years ago.

Gregor and Bruce have their own flock of about 20 ewes, run alongside their parents’ 120-strong flock.

The ewe, which was being shown for her second and last time this summer, took the continental championship before being tapped out by the inter-breed judge, Mary Gittins of Welshpool, who described her champion as having a great body.

She said: “She’s got excellent shape in the front and back end and definitely has that extra star quality.”

The runner-up was the champion native lowland winner, a Suffolk, from John Sinnett of Stockton-on-Teme, Worcester. This was the shearling’s second outing of the year, her first being the Three Counties, where she scooped the reserve prize in the lowland judging. Led out by Clive Meredith, this ewe is by Stockton Percy T.

Native upland

The other breed in contention for the inter-breed title was a Torddu shearling ewe from Christie, Alex and Ryan Joseph, which took the native upland title. This was the first outing for this ewe, which is by a 350gns sire bred by Alan Condell.

The Josephs have a flock of 75 Torddu ewes, along with other breeds including Brecknock Hill Cheviot, Torwen, and commercials, which in all total 1,600 ewes at their farm in Llyswen, Brecon.

The runner-up in the native upland judging was the Hill Radnor, a shearling ewe from 17-year-old Ellie Owens of Leominster, Herefordshire, who has a flock of 12 ewes. This home-bred ewe is by a tup, which won its class at the Welsh as a ram lamb.

Runner-up in the continental judging was a Rouge shearling ewe, by Knighton Boozie, from Percy Tait, Worcester.

A shearling Southdown home-bred ram from Messrs Wakenham-Dawson and Harmer of Lewes, East Sussex, was reserve in the native lowland category.

Sally Shone of Malpas, Cheshire, won the inter-breed pairs competition with two from her Bleu du Maine flock.

The winning pairing comprised a home-bred shearling ewe, Maximum Kitkat, which was led out by Mrs Shone’s son, Max, and a yearling tup named Calla King Kong, which was bought at last year’s premier sale at Carlisle. Mrs Shone keeps 40 Bleu du Maine alongside the family’s dairy herd of 220 Holsteins.

Runners-up in the pairs judging were from the Blue Texel breed. These were a four-year-old home-bred ram from Sara Gibbons of Brecon, and a shearling ewe from Dylan and Bethan Jones of Carmarthenshire.


Inter-breed (Judge, M.E. Gittins, Powys) Sup., G. and B. Ingram (Charollais); res., W.H. Sinnett and Sons (Suffolk).

Native upland (M.E. Gittins) Sup., C., A. and R. Joseph (Torddu); res., E. Owens (Hill Radnor).

Continental (M.E. Gittins) Sup., G. and B. Ingram (Charollais); res., P. Tait (Rouge).

Native lowland (M.E. Gittins) Sup. W.H. Sinnett and Sons (Suffolk); res., Messrs Wakenham-Dawson and Harmer (Southdown).

Inter-breed pairs (E. Lewis, Powys) Sup., S. Shone (Bleu du Maine); res., S. Gibbons, and D.L. and B.W.H. Jones (Blue Texel).

Welsh Mountain - pedigree (D.T. Jenkins, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and male, res. male, E. Jones; res. and fem., T. Russell Davies; res. fem., C. and P. Grove.

Welsh Mountain – hill flock (L. Evans, Aberdeenshire) Sup. and fem., D. Jones; res. and male, D. Jenkins; res. fem., res. male, E. Jenkins.

South Wales Mountain (D. Millichap,Tonyrefail) Sup. and male, R. Groucott; res. and fem., E. Williams; res. male, A. Davies; res. fem., Williams Partners.

Black Welsh Mountain (R. Wise, Berkshire) Sup. and male, W. and S. Workman; res. and fem. and res. male, E.O. Williams; res.fem., L.E. Cockerill.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain – Torddu (B. Pritchard, Herefordshire) Sup. and fem., C., A. and R. Joseph; res. and male, H. Williams; res. fem., A. Condell; res. male, S. Ioan.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain – Torwen (D. Lewis, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and male and res. male, A. Condell; res. and fem., G. and G. King; res. fem., A. Edwards.

Balwen Welsh Mountain (E. Davies, Ceredigion) Sup. and male, S.G. Morgan; res. and fem., J. Jones; res. male, G. Davies; res. fem., M.M. Jones.

Welsh Hill Speckled Face (D. Richards, Powys) Sup. and male, B.L. and J.E. Jones; res. and fem., C. Jones; res. male, res. fem., E. Lloyd and Co.

Beulah Speckled Face (T. Bound, Llanidloes) Sup. and male, Mr and Mrs R. Jones; res. and res. male, res. fem., A. and E.B. Jones; fem., M.J. and J.M. Price.

Hill Radnor (O.R. Jones, Powys) Sup. and fem., E. Owens; res. and male and res. fem., D.P. Williams; res. male, D.C. Jones.

Kerry Hill (D. Steen, Dumfriesshire) Sup. and fem. and male, J. and P. Owens; res. and res. fem., A. John; res. male, S. Jones.

Brecknock Hill Cheviot (N. Jones, Powys) Sup. and male and res. male, D.G. and B. Thomas; res. and fem., C., A., and R. Joseph; res. fem., A. Hughes.

North Country Cheviot (G. Cormack, Caithness) Sup. and male, J.H. Williams and Son; res. and fem., res. male, I.H. Hughes; res. fem., Achalone Cheviots.

Derbyshire Gritstone (B. Brocklehurst, Derbyshire) Sup. and male, res. male, res. fem., S. and P. Scrivin and Son; res. and fem., T. Chapple-Gill and Daughter.

Exmoor Horn (F.K. Buckingham, Devon) Sup. and fem., res. male, T. Atkins and Sons; res. and male, R.P. Alford; res. fem., D. Butt. 

Jacob (J. Shemwell, Derbyshire) Sup. and fem., R.F. Price; res. and male, res. male, D.W. and S.L. Harries; res. fem., S.M. Harries.

Ryeland (B. Wear, Bristol) Sup. and fem., male, A. Robinson; res. and res. fem., R.A. and A.M. Howell; res. male, D. Smillie and S. Gray.

Coloured Ryeland (L. Howell, Swansea) Sup. and fem., R.J. and A.L. Webb; res. and res. fem., D. Evans; male, J. and S. Donovan; res. male, L. Harries.

Dorset Down (N.J. Bond, Cornwall) Sup. and male, res. fem., R. Roberts; res. and res. male, Mr and Mrs J. Swain; fem., T.A. and C.J. Ward.

Wiltshire Horn (I. Owen, Anglesey) Sup. and male, D. Thomas and Son; res. and res. male, C. Morse; fem., G.H. Roberts; res. fem., R.J. Thomas and Sons.

Welsh Mule (D.I.L. Jones, Powys) Sup., R. Lloyd; res., R.G. and B.M. Jones and Son.

Welsh Half-Bred (E. Jones, Powys) Sup., R.A. George; res., E.A. Price.

Southdown (D. Bunting, Hertfordshire) Sup. and male, res. and fem.,Messrs Wakenham-Dawson and Harmer; res. male, B. Cooper; res. fem., J.R. Williams.

Llanwenog (A. Williams, Gwynedd) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. male, H. Evans; res. fem., E. and S. Morgans.

Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset (R. Currie, Co Antrim) Sup. and male, G. and E. Jones; res. and fem., res. fem., Messrs Griffiths and Davies; res. male, B.A. Wernham and Son.

Bluefaced Leicester (J. Mason, North Yorkshire) Sup. and fem., M. James; res. and male, D.P. May; res. fem., T.R. Harris; res. male, S. Abberley.

Zwartbles (M. Preston, West Yorkshire) Sup. and male, res. and fem., Clay Farm Partnership; res. male, O. Hughes-Owen; res. fem., S. Inns.

Clun Forest (B.H. Roberts, Powys) Sup. and male, res. and fem., I. T. Davies and Son; res. male and res. fem., R. Vincent.

Oxford Down (O.T. Jones, Anglesey) Sup. and fem., J.W. and M.F.S. Brown; res. and male, M.G. and J.M. Johnson; res. fem., res. male, J. Hook.

Lleyn (G. Evans, Gwynedd) Sup. and fem., A.W. Davies; res. and res. fem., R. Bennett; male, J.A. and R. Geldard and Sons; res. male, C. Lewis.

Border Leicester (D. Mawhinney, Co Down) Sup. and male, I.G. Evans and Son; res. and fem., D.J. and G.A. Watkins; res. male, D.R. Jones; res. fem., E. Price.

Bleu du Maine (S. McInnes-Skinner, Norfolk) Sup. and male, S. Shone; res. and res. male, T.S. Goldie; fem., P. Tait; res. fem., S. Shone.

British Rouge (T. Prentice, Suffolk) Sup. and fem., res. fem., res. male, P. Tait; male, D.J. and G.A. Watkins. No overall res. awarded.

Charollais (W. McAllister, Co Antrim) Sup. and fem., G. and B. Ingram; res. and res. fem., I.H. Hughes; male, J. Curtis; res. male, P. Tait.

British Berrichon (H.M. Shakespeare, Monmouthshire) Sup. and male, G.B. Thomas; res. and fem., S.T. Pritchard; res. male, Woodston Manor Partnership; res. fem., T. Stayt.

Charmoise Hill (K. Davies, Powys) Sup. and fem., J. Walsh and E. Roberts; res. and male, E.O. Roberts; res. fem., res. male, S. and J. Powell.

Beltex (A. Jackson, Lanark) Sup. and fem., P. Tippetts; res. and male, H. Owens; res. fem., I Jones; res. male, Messrs Tippetts, Wood and Mair.

Blue Texel (J. Long, Kent) Sup. and male, S. Gibbons; res. and fem., A. Froggatt; res. male, D.L. and B.W.H. Jones; res. fem., E. and C. Jones.

Texel (S. Smith, Powys) Sup. and male, D. and T. Bradley Farmer; res. and res. male, Boden and Davies; fem., D. and I. Lewis; res. fem., R. Bennett.

British Vendeen (K. Robinson, Shropshire) Sup., and fem., S.M. Butcher; res. and male, res. male, C.J. Vernon Miller; res. fem., R.N. Howie.

Hampshire Down (C. Westlake, Devon) Sup. and male, M. Adams; res. and fem., E. and B. Jones; res. male, J. Borsey and M. Sivill; res. fem., R. Vincent.

Shropshire (J. Brigg, Warwick) Sup. and fem., E. Butcher; res. and res. fem., P.J. and A.I. Schofield; male, A. Harvey; res. male, S. Farquhar.

Suffolk (C. Harding, Warwickshire) Sup. and fem., W.H. Sinnett and Sons; res. and res. fem., D. Jones; male, D. Pugh Roberts; res. male, C. and A. Meredith.

Lamb Carcase (G. Wallace, Gloucestershire) Sup., W.A. and A.J. Windsor (Texel cross); res., E.C. and D.W. Evans (Beltex).


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