Royal Highland Show: livestock judging results

It is day two of the Royal Highland Show and today will see the dairy inter-breed judging along with more beef and sheep breeds.

Here’s a catch up of yesterday’s results.


In the beef judging it was a good day for the females with the Beef Shorthorn title going to Podehole Gypsy Fressia from Harry Horrell.

Winner in the British Charolais judging was R.A. Milne and Sons with Elgin Catherine and the Hereford winner was L.R. and A.M. Ayre with Frenchstone P1 Boo.

Another female won the Highland cattle section; this was Bhoidheach Ruadh 1 from C. McKechnie.

Winning the Salers classes was a bull, Gulliver, from R. and A. Crockett.

The Simmental winner was Sowenna Aristocrat from W. Young.


In the sheep lines the Berrichon Du Cher winner was a ewe from R. and J. Graham.

 A ewe from J. Wight and Sons won the Blackface section and the Border Leicester winner was

Messrs S. and A. Watson with a tup.

The Llyen winner was a ran from B. Walling and the North Country Cheviot title went to J. Runciman and Sons.

The Ryeland section was won by a ewe from B. Hunter while the Suffolk title went to I. and J. Barbour with a ewe.

More updates on beef, sheep and dairy to follow.

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