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Plenty of attractions in the main ring

THE King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, whose musical drive is one of the most spectacular displays of horsemanship in the world, and the famous JCB Dancing Diggers performing their repertoire of intricate manoeuvres, will be among the show’s main ring star attractions.

Another popular attraction, Chariots of Fire, the famous stunt carriage driving display team, is also back at the Royal Welsh after a break of several years.

The full programme of main ring displays include: John Parker and the Royal Mail Coach; Meirion Owen and the Quack Pack; the European Mounted Games and the Pony Club Mounted Games; and the Regimental Band and Corps of Drums of the Royal Welsh Regiment.

Inter Hunt Relays

There will also be Inter Hunt Relays on the first three days of the show, the winning team qualifying for the Hunt Chase competition at the Royal Dublin Horse Show in August.

Street entertainment act, Titan the Robot, will be on the showground and performing in the Forestry Section.

Some 22 vintage and classic tractors, seven stationary engines and three steamers will provide a static display of vintage machinery.

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