Percy Tait takes inter-breed for the second year running

IT was a repeat of last year in the sheep lines, with the supreme inter-breed title once again going to Percy Tait’s home-bred British Rouge ewe.

The home-bred five-year-old, by Knighton Bugley, had earlier won the shortwool/lowland female championship.

It was a successful show for Mr Tait, from Worcester, who, as well as taking the reserve Rouge championship with an aged ram, took the Charollais championship and the terminal sire championship with another aged ram, by Eurostar, out of a ewe bred by May Tulloch of the Rutland flock.


The reserve inter-breed championship and the champion hill female title went to Willie and Jimmy Thomson, Kelso, with their North Country Cheviot shearling ewe by Synton Simba.

Having her first show ring outing, she is a grand-daughter of the Thomsons’ 2008 Great Yorkshire inter-breed champion and gave them a seventh breed title at the show.

One of the three inter-breed judges, John Geldard, Cumbria, said the championship was an ‘outstanding’ show of sheep, with the champion and reserve ‘very hard to fault’. “The Rouge carried herself extremely well for her age, with correctness and good conformation, but Cheviot is a sheep we will see a lot more of in future,” he said.

Taking the shortwool/lowland male championship was Stuart Goldie, Thirsk, with his Bleu de Maine champion, a shearling ram by Churchbridge Warrior, which was bought at Carlisle last year from breeders Simon Norman and Margery Vile, Somerset.

This was its second outing having been one of the inter-breed champion pairs at the Royal Highland Show.

Texel champion and champion female of the terminal sire breeds was a shearling ewe, by Haddo Ringleader from Proctors Farms, Clitheroe, Lancashire. It had been breed champion at Cumberland County Show on her previous outing.

Fran and Ron Wilson, Carlisle, Cumbria, took the commercial female championship with a three-shear Mule ewe which had been bought as a gimmer lamb at Bentham from the Rawsthorne flock.

The champion Longwool male was the Bluefaced Leicester male champion, Addingham B1, a three-shear ram from David Henderson, Hawick, Roxburghshire, which was bought at Kelso as a shearling.

The Bluefaced Leicester female, reserve female and reserve male championships all went to A.G. and D. Bisset, Hexham, Northumberland.



Inter-breed (J.A. Geldard, Cumbria; E.J. Lund, Cumbria; C. Meredith, Hereford) Sup., P. Tait (British Rouge); res., W. and J. Thomson (North Country Cheviot).

Longwool, male, D.D. Henderson (Bluefaced Leicester); female, B.K. Chandler (Teeswater); res. male, M.A. Elliott (Wensleydale); res. fem., A.D. and D. Bissett (Bluefaced Leicester).

Hill, male, J. Bradley (Swaledale); fem., W. and J. Thomson (North Country Cheviot); res. male, E. and K. Bland (Rough Fell); res. fem., J.G. Harryman (Herdwick).

Shortwool/lowland, male, T.S. Goldie (Bleu de Maine); fem., P. Tait (British Rouge); res. male, P. Tait (British Rouge); res. fem., C.J. Cormack (Blue Texel).

Terminal sire breeds (all breed judges) male, P. Tait (British Charollais); fem., Proctors Farms (Texel); res. male, D. N. Aconley; res. fem., P.J. Lupton (Suffolk).

Commercial, fem., F. and R. Wilson (Mule); res., B. and M. Watkinson (Masham).


Any other native breeds (C. Meredith, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire) Sup. and male and res. and fem., G.C. and C. J. Watson (Oxford Down); res. male, B.W. and D. J. Glaves (Southdown); res. fem., A.J. Bulmer (Southdown).

Any other continental breed (J.A. Geldard, Levens, Cumbria) Sup. and fem., res. and male and res. male, C.J. Cormack (Blue Texel); res. fem., D.M. Eglin (Charmoise Hill).

Beltex (M. Owens, Llandysul, Ceredigion) Sup. and male, D. Thornley; res. and fem., K. and R. Buckle; res. male, G. Cropper; res. fem., J.R. Wilkinson.

Blackface (C. Walton, Alston, Cumbria) Sup. and fem. and res. male, N.I. Allonby; res. and res. fem. and male, P. Turnbull.

Bluefaced Leicester (G. Shapiro, Carnforth, Cumbria) Sup. and fem., res. fem., and res. male, A.G. and D. Bissett; res. and male, D.D. Henderson.

British Berrichon (B. Irvine, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire) Sup. and fem. res. fem., male and res. male, Bros.

British Bleu du Maine (S. Small, Randalstown, Co Antrim) Sup. and male, res. and fem., T.S. Goldie; res. male and res. fem., L. Daff.

British Charollais (R. Hopper, Tiverton, Devon) Sup. and male, P.H. Tait; res. and fem., C.W. Marwood; res. male, S.C. Hodgson; res. fem., D. Dennis.

British Rouge (S. Wright, Axminster, Devon) Sup. and fem. and male and res. male, P.H. Tait; res. fem., J.R. Wilkinson.

British Vendeen (J.Robinson, Kings Lynn, Norfolk) Sup. and fem. and male, R.N. Howie; res. and res. fem., C.J. Vernon Miller; res. male, L.J. Howie.

Butcher’s lambs (M. Stewart, Roxburghshire) Sup. and res., A.M. and H.V. Brown.

Commercial lamb carcases (A. Atkinson, Harrogate) Sup. and res., R.G. Finlay.

Dalesbred (B. Coates, Carnforth, Lancashire) Sup. and male, J.K. Wilson; res. and fem. and res. male, J.H. Ryder and Sons; res. fem., R.H. Close.

Derbyshire Gritstone (E. Tattersall, Settle, North Yorkshire) Sup. and fem. and res. male, S. and P. Scriven; res. and male and res. fem., C.R. Mitchell.

Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset (R. Hole, Sherborne, Dorset) Sup. and fem. and res. fem.,, R.D. and D.E. Huxter; res. and male, J.R. Royan; res. male, K.L. Hodgson.

Half-bred female cross terminal sire (M. Stewart, Melrose, Roxburghshire) Sup., G. Cropper; res., D.H. Bulmer.

Hampshire Down (E.J. Cresswell, Diss, Norfolk) Sup. and fem., E.B. Jones; res. and male, M.C. Pink; res. fem., D.J. Middleditch; res. male, L.M. Chasney.

Hebridean (D. Kinsmore, Windermere, Cumbria) Sup. and male, J.R. Mosley; res. and fem., V.C.K. Mason; res. male and res. fem., D. and C. Cassie.

Herdwick (W. Tyson, Keswick, Cumbria) Sup. and male, Grave and Watson; res. and fem., J.G. Harryman; res. male, L.K. Clifford; res. fem., A.M. Grisdale.

Jacob (K. Cartwright, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire) Sup. and male and res. fem., A.R. and J. Smith; res. and fem., S.J. Dodsworth; res. male, B.C. Stanley.

Leicester Longwool (D. Holah, Filey, North Yorkshire) Sup. and fem. and res. fem., B.W. and D.J. Glaves; res., and male, Mrs S.C. Johns; res. male, Mr S.C. Johns.

Lincoln Longwool (G. Smith, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem., L.M. Fairburn; res. male, J. Pennell.

Lleyn (C. Burrows, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire) Sup. and male and res. and fem., J.J. Kingan; res. male and res. fem., A.W. Davies.

Lonk (J. Hey, Lancaster) Sup. and male, C.A. and A. Crowther; res. and fem., M.D.N. Mullin; res. male, J.C. Pickering; res. fem., J.R. Lord.

Masham (D. Wallis, Richmond, North Yorkshire) Sup., B. and M. Watkinson; res., M. and B. Allen.

Mule (G. Porter, Richmond, North Yorkshire) Sup., R. and F. Wilson; res., R.A. Batty.

North Country Cheviot (M. Dun, Heriot, Midlothian) Sup. and fem., and res male, W. and J. Thomson; res. and res. fem. and male, J. Runciman; res. male.

Rough Fell (F. Capstick, Sedbergh, Lancashire) Sup. and fem., B. and J. Knowles; res. and res. fem., male and res. male, E. and K. Bland.

Ryeland (R. Webb, Ludlow, Shropshire) Sup. and male, S.J. Bryden; res. and fem. and res. fem., A.J. Robinson; res. male, D. Smillie.

Shetland (D. Trotter, Hexham, Northumberland) Sup. and fem., Arbuckle and Meikle; res. and male, R. Douglas; res. fem., K. Sharp; res. male, B.J. and J. S. Watson.

Suffolk (S. Brown, Gorebridge, Midlothian) Sup. and fem., P.J. Lupton; res. and res. fem., Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership; male, D.N. Aconley; res. male, G.L. Riby.

Swaledale (P. Walton, Barnard Castle, Co Durham) Sup. and male, J. Bradley; res. and fem., T.W. Hutchinson; res. and male, E. and K. Bland; res. fem., J. Dixon and Sons.

Teeswater (C.J. Gibson, Kendal, Cumbria) Sup. and fem., B.K. Chandler; res. and male and res. male, G.A. Horner; res. fem., J.D. Pilkington.

Texel (V. Chestnutt, Bushmills, Co Antrim) Sup. and fem., Proctors Farms; res. and male, Boden and Davies; res. fem., P.A. Kermode; res. male, W.T. McCaffrey.

Wensleydale (G. Steventon, Princethorpe, Warwickshire) Sup. and fem., M. Smith; res. and male, M.A. Elliott; res. fem. and res. male, J.A. and F. Elliott.

Whitefaced Woodland (N. Belfield, Macclesfield, Cheshire) Sup. and fem., C. Kaye; res. and male and res. fem., P.A. Crosby; res. male, C.J. Campbell.

Zwartbles (P. Caunter, Totnes, Devon) Sup. and fem., T.W. Donnelly; res. and male, C. Scott; res. fem., M.A. DeQuincey; res. male, C.M. Anderson.

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