Impressive livestock line-ups at Highland

The Royal Highland Show will once again be staging an impressive line-up of livestock with entries of cattle, sheep, goats and horses already approaching the 5,000 mark.

With poultry, show-jumping and other livestock competition entries to be finalised, the event looks set to be one of the best.

Show manager David Dunsmuir says: “We now have to fit in all of these fine examples of British livestock breeding. For exhibitors there is great prestige in winning a Royal Highland prize ticket and for visitors there is all the drama and spectacle of the judging process and the grand parades of prize-winners.”

With more than 1,700 entries, the sheep section is the largest. Among the 24 breed classes there is a huge entry of 240 Texels and 201 Beltex. Shetland and Suffolks also have three figure entries at 112 and 101 respectively. A new section for North of England Mules has attracted 39 entries.


The light horse section with 1,576 entered has also proved popular. Top section is Mountain and Moorland Ponies under saddle at 172, closely followed by Hunters under saddle at 153 and Coloured Horses at 152.

Nearly 1,000 beef cattle have been entered with Aberdeen-Angus leading the way on 124. Highland cattle come next with 115 then British Limousin with 113. A total of 131 dairy cattle have been entered.

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