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Focus on rural life in Ceredigion

AS part of Ceredigion’s featured county fundraising activities two of the county’s authors have joined forces to produce a very special book – ‘Ymlaen ar Sioe/On with the Show’

A bilingual volume, it celebrates the stories of the people at the heart of rural life in Ceredigion and honours some of the notable successes the county has enjoyed.

It also features the animals and crafts associated with rural life, and takes a look at the intense competition and enthusiastic support competitors from the county thrive on.

Showcase county

Show commentator, Charles Arch, and experienced local author, Lyn Ebenzer, are the ideal pair to showcase what the county has to offer.

Both have deep roots in Ceredigion, extensive rural knowledge, and an unparalleled passion for their subject.

This book is ideal for anyone with an interest in rural life in Wales.

  • Ymlaen ar Sioe/On with the Show by Charles Arch and Lyn Ebenezer. ISBN: 9781848512054. Price: £12.99.

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