Shower dairy heifer commands 2,700gns

THE first dairy sale of the year at Bristol had a complete clearance and an average of more than £2,000.

Topping the sale was Terry Cox, Shaftesbury, Dorset, who sold Holmead Talent Shower for 2,700gns to an undisclosed West Wales buyer. Four weeks calved, this heifer, bred from seven generations of VG/EX dams and tracing back to Glen Drummond Shower, was giving 35kg at 4.8 per cent fat.

Terry Cox also showed, on behalf of David Coombes, Libertyview Zenith Raven, a second-calfer, five weeks fresh and giving 40kg, which joined the Halen herd of Martin Lowry, Newcastle Emlyn, for 2,500gns.

Chris King, from the Kingspool herd, Iron Acton, Bristol, had forward three heifers, which all made at least 2,000gns, with Kingspool Samuelo Tatiana sold fresh giving 38.6kg making 2,200gns, again to a Welsh buyer.

Commercial heifers were not far behind the pedigrees with Adrian Ratcliffe, Gloucester, selling a heifer for 2,200gns and David Walker, Bromsgrove, averaging £1,969 for his four, with a top of 2,050gns for a daughter of the British Friesian sire, Culverness Wallace.

A young bull from Messrs Webber and Rickard from the Windy-Knoll-View Pala family made 1,400gns.

Averages: Pedigree cows and calved heifers, £2,190; pedigree bull, £1,470; commercial calved heifers, £1,977; three-quartered heifer, £997.

Auctioneers: Norton and Brooksbank with Gwilym Richards and Co.

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