Sales extra - Skipton's opening store lamb sale

MORE than 2,000 store lambs went under the hammer at Skipton on Wednesday for the opening sale of the season, averaging £68.18/head, up £5.27 on last year.

Top price of £89/head went to Beltex crosses from Stuart Beeforth, Chopgate.

Skipton’s livestock sales manager Ted Ogden said: “There was a reduced entry compared to last year, with lambs generally a shade smaller, anything with power or style met with a nice trade, reflecting their prime value.

“Several pens achieved more than £80/head, with good medium-keep lambs selling at £65 to £74 and commercial Suffolk and Texel store lambs to run on making into the early £60s.”

The class for 40 or more store lambs was won by Michael Parker, Winterburn, and sold for £82.50 to John Errington, Penrith, £7/head more than his last year’s winners which went to the same home.

Second were Texel crosses from Richard and Robert Greenwood, West Marton, which sold to Bowood Farms, Daventry, at £82/head. The same buyers paid £85/head for the third prize winners from Annabel Ogden’s Texel crosses.

Auctioneers: CCM

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