Potentials win for Fawcetts at Pateley Bridge

THE trophy for the Best Potential Show Beast at Pateley Bridge was awarded to Stephen and Tracey Fawcett, Skipton, with their seven-month-old Blonde cross British Blue heifer. It sold for £1,000 to John Mellin, Wigglesworth.

John Stockdale and Son, Skipton, topped the cull cow class with a Limousin cross selling at 154p/kg and grossing at £1,093.40.

Trade was buoyant for all classes of cattle, with 31 per cent of stores making more than £1,000 and averaging £906.

Top of the OTMs was a cow from Stephen Church at 197p/kg (£1,260.80). Clean cattle from J.D. and C.E. Nelson peaked at £1,350 and S. Fariburn topped the store cattle with an Aberdeen-Angus steer at £1,170.

Auctioneers: Pateley Bridge and District Farmers Auction Mart.

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