British Blue cow tops Cirencester market

LEADING the trade and topping the overage cattle section at Cirencester last week was an 860kg British Blue cow from Samuel Butler, Newbury, which sold for £1,956.50 (228p/kg) to Alec Jarrett, Bristol.

Other best meated cows sold between 170p/kg and 185p/kg, with Friesians to 144p/kg and medium cows at 110-125p/kg.

Prime cattle sold to 224p/kg for Limousin heifers from B.J. Ford and Son, Driffield, with their Hereford heifer at 218p/kg. Overall steers averaged 196p/kg and heifers 199p/kg.

In the sheep section, the best meated hoggs were still a good trade with leaner types a little less on the week. Best export hoggs traded at more than 200p/kg, topping at 237p/kg (£90) for 38kg from P. and C. Houldey, Hasfield. Medium weights topped at 227p/kg (£100) for 44kg from F. and R. Wilcox, Circencester. Heavier hoggs sold to £110/head for 51.3kg from D. Harris.

Spring lambs sold to 264p/kg (£99) for 37.5kg from R. Witchell and Sons, Tetbury, with a top price per head of £106.50 for 54.5kg from D. and R. Williams and Son.

Pigs were a good trade, with porkers averaging £105 and J.M. Dawson, Cheltenham and D. Puxley, Newbury, selling to £155. Two sows with six piglets each from E.G. Gilder sold for £225 and £215.

The sow and boar trade was also firm, with sows topping at £200 for B.J. Ford and Sons and boars also at £200 for D.F. and S. Randall, Dursley. Medium stores sold to £110/head and small store pigs traded from £25-£50.

Auctioneers: Voyce Pullin.

Sale topping vendor

Samuel Butler, 16, runs his own herd of 20 pedigree British Blue cows alongside the family’s 200-head commercial suckler herd. He topped the market last week with a cull cow.  

He says: “For me Cirencester is the perfect market. It is not the nearest market for us, but is the one we use. It is very accessible from the major routes and we always have a good trade and everyone here has been very nice to me. The agricultural merchant’s next door means we can get feed while we are here and often buy poultry as well.

“I believe in the auction mart system – if you want the best value and to know what your stock is worth you have to bring it to market.”

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