Shearlaw to return to First Milk board?

FOLLOWING hot on the heels of Robert Shearlaw’s resignation as vice-chairman of First Milk, chairman Richard Greenhalgh, now says he will retire at the next annual meeting at the end of October.

It has led to speculation among producers that Mr Shearlaw might now return, given his popularity with many.

Mr Greenhalgh this week notified the board of his decision. He also said: “By the AGM, I will have been in role for five years. I believe that the timing is now right for First Milk to appoint a new chairman to allow me to devote more time to my other interests.

“I remain firmly convinced of the benefits of the farmer owned business model and will maintain a keen interest in the progress of First Milk.”

Mr Shearlaw himself, the co-op’s farmer representative for South Ayrshire was unavailable for comment today (Wednesday morning), but had issued a statement which said: “Like Richard I am a great believer in the farmer owned business model.

“It is very important now that the company gets through this period of change and focuses 100 per cent on adding value for members.”

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