Scotland fares worst in bad weather

SCOTLAND bore the brunt of the bad weather this week, with rural insurers predicting claims for storm damage would total more than £5 million.

A spokeswoman for NFU Scotland said there had been serious damage with reports of trees down, walls and fences blown over, building roofs blown off and power cables down.

By 2pm on Wednesday, NFU Mutual was dealing with more than 130 claims from Scotland, over 120 from Northern Ireland, 115 from England and 45 from Wales totalling more than £5m.

The most serious damage reported at that point was to a farm building in Essex with a bill expected to top £40,000, while claims estimated at £20,000 had been received for repairs to a farm building in Suffolk and a farmhouse in Fife.

The NFU’s regional offices in the south east England had slight structural damage when guttering and some roof panels were dislodged.

One of the Scottish farmers hit was former NFUS president John Kinnaird, who runs two beef and arable farms as one unit in East Lothian.

He had roof panels ripped off a 40m x 36m storage building and boundary walling blown over.

“I have never known such strong winds,” he said.

“The structure of the building was okay, but damage to the roof panels was extensive, but it’s the aftermath which is the real problem as we have had to move animal feed and grain stored in the shed so they won’t get ruined by the weather.

“It’s more about the disruption than the actual damage.”

On Wednesday, the Environment Agency issued six flood warnings across the country, including three in the North East, two in the Midlands and one in Wales.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) issued flood warnings for the Moy Bridge area in the Highlands and nine locations in Tayside. There were 12 flood alerts covering almost all Scotland.

Top wind speeds recorded this week:

106mph - Great Dun Fell, Cumbria
102mph - Edinburgh.

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