Royal Highland 2008 Dairy results

Ayrshire (H. Woodburn, Ayrshire) Sup., L. Davidson and Sons, Halmyre Urr Louise; res., M.W. and A. Stevenson, Stevenson’s Buttercup 50.

Holstein (P. Harrison, Newcastle Upon Tyne) Sup., Almond Holsteins and Longfordhall Holsteins, Almond Silky Avis; res., Almond Holsteins and J. Loftus, Weeton Brandy Reba.

Jersey (R. Hatfield, Worcester) Sup., J. and I. Wilson, Goodtime Paragon Folly; res., J. and I. Wilson, Wellhead Rocket Boo.

Dairy Shorthorn (D. Slade, Devon) J. Teasdale and Son, Newpark Snowdrop; res., S. Wilson, Screel Merry Mirranda.

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