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FG web debate: Paterson outlines views on Europe and CAP reform


If we come out of the EU as the UK member it will probably cause the subsequent collapse of the UK itself. Scotland and Wales will want to re-join the EU. If Britain had a trading surplus it could make its own way in the world but it hasn't. The strength of the pound to an extent is held on the back of being an EU member. Mr Patersons grasp of economoic reality is sadly lacking. The effort should be put into Europe to engage in a process of change that fits budgetary constraints. The first step is to properly recognise the issues that face the different member states and offer a construtive part in finding ways of changing EU agriculture in his case; together. We hardly have a credible case when in the depths of the reform process the prime minister changed his entire DEFRA team of ministers, including the experienced Jim Paice.

Posted date

25 January 2013

Posted time

7:31 am