OLF gives Shona the win at the Islwyn trials

THE Islwyn Trials, held in Gwent at Cearllwyn Farm, Ynsddu, with 50 dogs, saw the Open class tied at the top, but the use of the OLF rule gave the first place to David Meek’s Shona ahead of Eirean Morgan’s Fred. In a combined run Shona won the novice class as well.

The field rises to the point of lift and gave an outrun of 300 yards. Near the top on the right hand side there is an obstruction so large that any dog had to be put back on line having gone around it.

This meant that the majority of dogs were sent out left where the hedge line gave them a clean guide to the top.

The first drive gates were to the left and about 130 yards from the handler and the cross drive was of the same length. There was a shed before penning. The 10 minutes allowed should have provided a comfortable amount of time.

The yearling welsh cross sheep were drawn from the same flock as usual but for some unknown reason they proved almost unworkable.


Having gone through the fetch gates which were set halfway down the field they were then very difficult to manoeuvre around the handler. In the ring shedding was quite good but then came the pen.

It must be quite rare to have a trial when not a single lot were penned but that was the case at Islwyn.

Some dogs got their charges looking in at the pen gate but not one dogs finished its run in the approved manner.

During the nursery season the name Shona appeared in most weeks’ reports of the Glamorgan series and now at Islwyn she showed enough progress to become an Open dog. Eirean Morgan’s Fred on the other hand is much more experienced with many a win to his credit. At this trial Fred was one of those who got his sheep to the mouth of the pen but to no avail.

Over £600 was collected for the Hospice of the Valleys.

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