Northumberland County Show

Commercial heifer wins beef supreme

A 13-month-old commercial heifer collected the supreme beef championship at the Northumberland County Show at Corbridge, on Monday.

The three-quarter Limousin heifer shown by Neil Slack of Newby, Penrith, had earlier lifted the commercial beef championship and then was selected by inter-breed beef judge Michael Scott, of Greenhead, Carlisle, as his overall champion over the pedigree beef champion, a Limousin heifer.

Sparky, bought privately by Mr Slack last September from breeders J. Lee and Son, of Whitfield, Hexham, won her class at last year's Royal Smithfield Show. The heifer won the under 500kg champion at Newark Show. Mr Slack has won the inter-breed beef championship twice in only three times exhibiting at the show.

Reserve overall beef animal was the Limousin champion the two-year-old maiden heifer Newstart Upsydaisy from David and Mary Cormack, of Thirsk, who are looking for a new farm for their expanded herd of 42 pedigree females.

The Cormacks managed to go one better than last year when they had the reserve supreme pedigree beef champion.

Another two-year-old heifer from their eight-cow Galloway herd, Newstart Twinkle, won the reserve native breed championship.

Cattle showman David Cormack exhibited the Belgian Blue champion for Northern Ireland breeder Dermot Small, a three-year-old imported female Pastellie.

The cow was in the champion inter-breed group of three selected by Michael Scott which included the male Belgian Blue champion the 21-month-old bull Edenvalley Vigour and the breed reserve champion, a 24-month-old heifer, Clonberton Victoria, both shown by Andrew Bellas, of Appleby.

Reserve pedigree beef champion was 12-month-old Charolais bull, Edenhurst Vancouver, from Peter Vasey, of Wetheral, Carlisle, and shown by Andrew Stott who has just joined Mr Vasey as his stockman.

The Edenhurst cattle were fortunate to be at the show as the 60-cow herd and followers had been dramatically rescued in the early hours when the River Eden burst its banks in January's serious flooding, leaving Holme House under 5ft of water.

The native beef title went to a 20-month-old Hereford bull Romany 1 Angus, by Glenlees Storm, a bull imported from Canada at six months old six years ago, and completed a hat-trick for the Wilsons of Kelso.


Inter-breed (Dairy judges) Supreme, G.G Baynes and Son, Marleycote Petal 91 (Shorthorn); reserve, I. and J. Mallinson, Highwell Jolt Mandy (Holstein).
Holstein (Judge E. Griffiths, Sheffield) Sup., I. and J. Mallinson, Highwell Jolt Mandy; res., P. and C.A. Harrison, Lemington Radical Tamora.
Any other breed (W. Young, York) Sup., G.G. Baynes and Son, Marleycote Petal 91; res., P. and C.A. Harrison, Breckney Goldie.
Dairy calf (Wendy Young, York) Sup., I. and J. Mallinson, Carhall Gibson Gail; res., G.G. Baynes, Marleycote Chatter 12.
Dairy and dual-purpose
(C. Bickerton, Cheshire) Sup., S. Darnbrook, Planetree Maia; res., J.D. Dawson, Lonsdale Tess.
Inter-breed overall (M. Scott, Greenhead) Sup., N. Slack, Sparky (commercial); res., D. and M Cormack, Newstart Upsydaisy (Limousin).
Inter-breed (Beef judges) Sup., D. and M. Cormack, Newstart Upsydaisy (Limousin); res., P. Vasey, Edenhurst Vancouver (Charolais).
Simmental (G. Towers, Redcar) Sup., N. and A. Hunter, Derwentwood Rob Roy; res., J.B. and E.J. Peile, Pasturehouse Malteser.
Blonde d'Aquitaine (J.M. Peacock, Castle Douglas) Sup., J. Langhorn, Hallmark Ursula; res., G. and A. Hamilton and Sons, Ardmore Upgrade.
Limousin (B. Allan, Newton Stewart) Sup., D. and M. Cormack, Newstart Upsydaisy; res., A.K. and C Stafford, Kaprico Ultimate.
Charolais (A. Clark, Cockermouth) Sup., P. Vasey, Edenhurst Vancouver; res., T. Nesbitt and Son, Alwent Untouchable.
Longhorn (J. Brigg, Warwick) Sup., J. Close and Son, Fishwick Donna; res., J. Close and Son, Fishwick Sorrel.
Belgian Blue (J. Hall, Dalston) Sup., D. Small, Pastellie; res., J.E. Bellas and Son, Clonberton Victoria.
Highland (R. Turner, Ripon) Sup., E. Halford, Kate of Kipper Lynn; res., J . Wilson.
Any other native beef breed (G. Neve, Lambley) Sup., J.R.B. Wilson and Sons, Romany 1 Angus (Hereford); res., D. and M. Cormack, Newstart Twinkle (Galloway).
Commercial beef (G. Scott, Linlithgow) Sup., N Slack, Sparky; res., A.D. and A. Richardson, Foxy Lady.
Inter-breed (Sheep judges) Sup., R.D Archer and Son (Bluefaced Leicester); res., K. Irving (Texel).
Blackface (P. Turnbull, Pickering) Sup., and res., A. Murray and Sons.
Swaledale (J.A. Alderson, Kirkby Stephen) Sup., J.R.D Short; res., K. and S.M. Johnson.
Bluefaced Leicester (A. Barrett, Bardon Mill) Sup., R.D Archer; res., D. Cruikshank.
North of England Mule (H. Gass, Bewcastle) Sup., A.C. Hutchinson; R.D. Archer and Son.
Suffolk (R. Black, Cupar) Sup., J. Walton and Son; res., J. Campbell.
Continental (A. Walker, Hexham) Sup., J.W. Davison.
Texel (B. MacTaggart, Castle Douglas) Sup., K. Irving; res., W. Waite.

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