NML launches UK's first Johne's disease screening

THE UK's first Johne's disease screening programme on milk samples has been launched by NML.

The programme, which will cost around £6-£10 per cow per year, is available to farmers through their vets.

It tests milk from individual cows on a quarterly basis for the presence of antibodies against the disease. These samples are collected through the NMR milk recording service and results are available to the vet via the NMR web service – Herd Companion PRO.

Hannah Pearse, NML’s business development manager, said: “Increased frequency of testing increases the sensitivity of the test allowing more accurate interpretation of the disease status of the cow.”

Cows can be grouped according to their risk level, which follows a traffic light system – with red being high risk.

Precautions can then be taken to ensure disease spread is minimised. These include housing high risk cows separately prior to calving and not using colostrum or milk from the red group to feed to calves.

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