New Claydon direct drill debut

CLAYDON has been busy developing a 4m hydraulic folding version of its SR direct drill.

Owners have the choice of opting for a front mounted hopper and metering system or using Claydon’s new seed cart which has its own linkage for carrying the drill.

Claydon direct drill
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Following the same format as the rigid SR drills, a leading tine with spring auto reset is used to loosen the ground directly ahead of the following tine coulter which is fitted with an ‘A’ share to sow the seed in a band.

The 13 seeding tines are mounted on a floating frame with the press wheels used to control the drilling depth and follow contours.

Jeff Claydon says they have developed a cam folding mechanism to control the floating frame for the tine coulters when the pair of 2m wings are folded to provide a transport width of 2.8m.

With a capacity of 3,000kg, the Seed Pod hopper uses a V shape to aid visibility to the drilling unit.

This is carried on the seed cart’s own linkage which is rated to 11t. Shod on wide floatation tyres to prevent compaction the seed cart uses an RDS Artemis electronic seed distribution system.

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