Membership fees increase by 3 per cent

YFC membership fees are set to increase by 3 per cent following the organisation’s decision to become more self-financing.

The motion was passed after members voted at the YFC AGM earlier today (Sunday, May 3).

Initially, NFYFC council had agreed to implement a 30 per cent increase on national subscriptions, but various staff changes and illnesses reversed the decision as it was felt it was ‘too unfair to ask membership to pay the amount.’

Club members were urged to accept the increase - which equates to 51 pence - after the Department for Children, Schools and Families pulled their annual funding from the National Federation’s Young Farmers’ Clubs financial pot last year.

Proposing the vote, Leece Howells from Shropshire, said following the DCSF’s decision to withdraw their funds the council had agreed to become a more self-financing organisation and rely less heavily on external funding for core YFC areas such as competitions.

He said: “The increase in fee is a small price to pay but will help cover the council’s new plan to raise funds.

“Our ‘rainy day pot’ has got a bottom and we can’t afford to reach it. We need keep the income higher than the expenditure and we have an unwritten responsibility to support its future.”

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