Lemken develops ISO-Bus connectivity

The development of ISO-Bus connectivity for Lemken’s Sirius, EuroTrain and Albatross sprayers has enabled the firm to introduce more automated features.

These include automatic height and slope control for the boom, GPS mapping and control, plus an armrest-mounted joystick control for key functions on the sprayer.

Lemken control box
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The firm offers three terminal choices, including the Basic terminal, Basic Top and Comfort version – the latter comes with a 10.4in colour display.

Lemken says the system is expandable using modules such as tank control, slope compensation, individual nozzle switching and a distance control for headland management of start/stop functions, for those who seek greater sophistication.

There is also an air speed controller that automatically changes nozzle size to create a larger droplet when wind speed gets too high for the selected nozzle.

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