Last chance to win a Keenan Klassik 100 Bale Chopper Diet feeder with Farmers Guardian

This is the final week for your chance to win this fantastic package worth £22,500.

All sizes and types of bales, whether they be round or square, silage, hay or straw - the Keenan Klassik 100 Bale Chopper Diet Feeder can handle them all with ease. And it processes them to create a length of material which all classes of livestock can properly utilise - no more, no less.

Gently, yet thoroughly, mixed with other ingredients using Keenan's unique angled six-paddle system, the result is the perfect ration, every time.

Helping to create this perfect ration is Keenan's Rumans nutritional advisory service which provides customers with the most up to date information available on the correct feeding of their livestock, so that health, performance and profits are always maximised.

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