Landlords urged to stop pushing rent

THE NFU has warned landlords to stop pushing for rent increases at a time when returns from farming are in decline.

Meurig Raymond, NFU deputy president, said landlords had based review figures on inaccurate data when in fact there was no justification for any increase.

He said there was ‘a brief period’ at the end of 2007 when prices were high and the cost of inputs had yet to increase but added ‘that is a long time ago’.

He said volatility in the cereals sector, coupled with a recent decline in crop prices with inputs remaining high, did little to suggest there was scope for an increase.

But he reserved most concern for dairy farmers.

“At a time when the milk price is falling, input costs are rising and, for many dairy farmers there is the issue of NVZs to be dealt with, now seems a far from appropriate time to be pushing for large rent increases.”

“Landlords need to remember that in order for tenants to maintain the farm in good working order it is imperative that a fair rent is settled,” he said.  

In response to concerns over rent increases, the NFU has published a joint guidance note for dairy farmers. 

“I would urge dairy farmers to obtain a copy from NFU CallFirst and, if appropriate, discuss this with their landlord,” said Mr Raymond.

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