YFC AGM 2011: Wool photo competition launched

THE National Federation of Young Farmers (NFYFC) launched a photography competition at the ARAC forum during the AGM in Blackpool today (Saturday, May 7).

NFYFC have teamed up with the British Wool Marketing Board for the competition to raise public awareness of the origin of wool, while highlighting the work of the British Wool Marketing Board and promoting YFC.

Working to the theme of the Best of British Wool, competitors are being asked to take one photographic image depicting the theme of the origin of wool.

The first, second and third placed photographs will be reproduced as part of the promotional material by the British Wool Marketing Board.

The winner will also receive £500 towards the cost of attending September’s Wool Exhibition in London with four friends as part ofthis year’s Campaign for Wool.

The closing st 7,date for the competition is Sunday, Augu

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