Research grant to aid pest predators

HARPER Adams University has secured £180,000 to fund two new PhD studentships.

The money from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) will help producers of glasshouse crops get better and more cost-effective biological control of pests.

Professor Leather, Professor of Entomology at Harper Adams will work alongside partners from BCP Certis Ltd and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Professor Leather, said: “By eliminating the need for costly rearing methods for natural predators, BCP Certis who are part-funding the studentship, will be able produce greater numbers of predators for glasshouse crops producers more quickly and less expensively.”

The second project aims to understand the relationship between a common parasitic worm of lowland game birds and lack of breeding success.

Prof Leather added: “Once these factors are understood, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, who are part-funding the studentship will be able to advise their members and other landowners on the best way to keep their pheasants and partridges healthy and also other bird species.”

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