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YFC AGM 2014

YFC AGM VIDEO: Disco dancing finals Video

14 May 2014

Here’s a montage of all the performances from Sundays disco dancing competition!

YFC AGM VIDEO: Overview Video

13 May 2014

Here’s an overview video from the YFC AGM event in Blackpool 2014. Lots of videos going up today from the AGM, including our Entertainment comp and Choir comp videos.

YFC AGM VIDEO: Y, F or C fancy dress Video

13 May 2014

Here are the highlights from the Y, F or C fancy dress night!

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JOIN Farmers Guardian's Agricultural Student of the Year as he spends 11 months in New Zealand. James will be blogging about his adventures and sharing his experiences and breathtaking photos with us all.

Joshua Metcalfe

FOLLOW Joshua, a 21-year-old English Literature Student, studying at De Montfort University in Leicester, seeking more rewarding career prospects in farming.

Chris Webb

CHRIS is an aspiring new-entrant from Shropshire being mentored on the inaugural Fresh Start Dairy Academy.

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Brad Evans has high hopes for his recently acquired five-month-old Border Collie Tag, which he aims to train to be a working sheepdog.

Teenager goes from student to teacher at Rodbaston College

16 January 2015

?Teenager Brad Evans has completed a full circle, making the leap from student to teacher at Staffordshire’s Rodbaston campus. Sue Colby meets the college’s assistant farm manager to discover more about his rapid career progression.

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Disillusioned farmers urged to join LWA Video

15 January 2015

The NFU, Defra and European bureaucrats have been accused of ignoring the interests of small-scale farmers, which make up about 70 per cent of farms in the UK.


Rhys Cooke, Rhys Whittingham, Katie Bryan

Gwent YFC scoops gold in NFYFC stockjudging competition

It was a proud weekend for Gwent Young Farmers Rhys Cooke and Rhys Whittingham, as they helped their county achieve success at the English Winter Fair.

Say no to sky lanterns

Printable A4 poster

Here at Farmers Guardian, we have created a printable A4 poster which can be put up to help get the message across to the public about the dangers of using sky lanterns.

Click here to DOWNLOAD and print your own copy.

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