Tom Lawrenson and Dave win Trawden nursery title

ONCE again dogs were tested by very windy conditions on Saturday in the north of England.

At the Trawden nursery held at Downham, the penetrating wind was blowing up the field straight into the faces of the handlers. Whereas some dogs went wrong, Tom Lawrenson’s Dave (D. Carlton’s Ann, T. Lawrenson’s Spot) never faltered, responding imme-diately to his commands and keeping calm throughout.

With run 22 he gathered right-handed, losing one mark for going a little wide at the start of his outrun. The smooth coated dog lifted his three Mule gimmer hoggs without fault before dropping two marks for minor line deviations over the fetch of approaching 300 yards.

Dave’s driving was exceptional, particularly the cross-drive where many packets came too high. Just one point was deducted throughout the whole of his drive. Finishing with a clean pen, where the hoggs could be difficult, gave a winning score of 86 and his fourth title. The 40 entries were judged by Danny Wild.

With the following run Tom Huddleston was the runner-up with Udale Owen on 81 points.


Although the wind was strong at the Ryedale nursery, held at Kildale, it was blowing in the right direction, down the field and carrying the whistles. Set over undulating ground the course had a fetch of about 250 yards gathered mostly right-handed.

Worked in fives, the mixed hoggs were touchy, but manageable over the outfield. They would not be pressured and were tricky to pen where only three of the 33 entries, judged by Philip Exelby, finished clean.

At 25, Mick Ward took the lead with Rex, gaining 79 points. They lost their marks over the outfield, finishing with a clean pen.

With the last run, David Bristow and Tan (G. Redpath’s Rose and Scott) also scored 79. They had an excellent start with a clean outrun and lift, and just one point deduc-ted from their fetch. Four marks went for deviations throughout their driving. At the pen an odd sheep kept breaking before the brown and white dog settled them and put them in at a loss of six marks. An out-bye decision gave Tan the title and his third win.

At the high and exposed location of Pole Moor Wireless Station, the competitors at Meltham endured a very strong wind, although again it was blowing in the right direction.

In packets of four, the mixed feeding hoggs were heavy to work over the flat course where the ground was very wet. Often the sheep refused to flow, frustrating a number of dogs. John Brotherton judged the entry of 19.

It was Stephen Duckworth’s day as he took both first and second placings. At nine, he took the lead with Tip, gaining 74 points. However, at 14, Stephen had an outstanding run with Barney, an unregistered dog sired by his Vic.

Going left-handed, Barney had a clean gather. The hoggs could be awkward to lift but he picked his packet up without fault. For minor line deviations he lost three marks from his fetch.

Although the hoggs were often difficult to turn into the right-hand drive Barney managed them well and lost just one point from the first leg of his drive.

After a clean cross-drive, three marks were deducted from his return before he finished with a clean pen to score 83 points and take his second title.

English results

TRAWDEN, New Close Farm, Downham, Clitheroe, Lancashire, (Judge, D. Wild, Rakewood) Nursery (40 ran) 1, T. Lawrenson (Brindle) Dave, 86 of 90; 2, T. Huddleston (Caton) Udale Owen, 81; 3, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Tommy, 77; 4, A. Throup (Silsden) Bob, 76 OLF; 5, J. Palmer (Twiston) Lad, 76; 6, M. Ingham (Norden) Lynmar Gem, 74.
RYEDALE, Kildale, North Yorkshire, (P. Exelby, Nun Appleton) Nursery (33 ran) 1, D. Bristow (Murton) Tan, 79 of 90 OLF; 2, M. Ward (Harwood Dale) Rex, 79; 3, A. Proudly (Kildale) Roy, 76; 4, G. Blyth (Roos) Perrydale Pearl, 75; 5, I. Murdoch (Sutton in the Forest) Spike, 74; 6, P. Proudly (Kildale) Roy, 73.
MELTHAM, Pole Moor Wireless Station, Pole Moor, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, (J. Brotherton, Addingham) (19 ran) 1, S. Duckworth (Haslingden) Barney, 83 of 90; 2, S. Duckworth, Tip, 74; 3, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Drift, 68; 4, J. Atkinson (South Milford) Queen, 67; 5, J. Wood (Norland) Lad, 65; 6, F. Cleary (Tockholes) Dot, 64.
NORTH WESTMORLAND, Newbiggin, Croglin, (D. Archibald, Hawick) Nursery (41 ran) 1, M. Elliott (Kirkinton) Dot, 76 of 90; 2, D. Scrimgeour (Lonscale) Mirk, 72; 3, J. Relph (Borrowdale) Carl, 68; 4, A. Temple (Holmrook) Flint, 67; 5, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Spot, 65 OLF; 6, D. Purdham (Holmrook) Mac, 65.
Novice, 1, D. Scrimgeour, Jack, 77 of 90; 2, R. Swainson (Cliburn) Hemp, 72; 3, L. Cowper, Eric, 71; 4, D. Wilson (Borrowdale) Robbie, 68.
New handler, H. Condron (Newcastleton) Jazz.
PEAK FOREST, Perrydale Farm, Peak Forest, Derbyshire, (M. Sowerby, Bamford) Open (66 ran) 1, R. Saxon (Bradwell) Cammen Rip, 94 of 100; 2, T. Lawrenson (Brindle) Sam, 93 OLF; 3, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Sweep, 93; 4, B. Smith (Ashbourne) Meg, 92; 5, P. Williams, Dell, 91; 6, F. Cleary (Tockholes) Hillmoor Dot, 90.
Novice, 1, K. Evans (Libanus) Jimmy, 89 of 100 OLF; 2, K. Evans, Roy, 89; 3, A. Gilchrist (Llangollen) Paddy, 86.
NORTHUMBERLAND, League, Debdon, Rothbury, (M. Day, Alwinton) Nursery (17 ran) 1, P. Turnbull (Rothbury) Roy, 85 of 100; 2, A. Clark (Embleton) Cap, 75; 3, A. Wallace (Bellingham) Flash, 71; 4, R. Macrae (Netherwitton) Cole, 70; 5, T. Iley (Longframlington) Irwell Scout, 70; 6, D. Naylor (Wooler) Moss, 67.
Novice, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Meg, 75.
NORTHUMBERLAND League, West Fleetham, Seahouses, (J. Robinson, Coldingham) Nursery (17 ran) 1, T. Iley (Longframlington) Strike, 89 of 100; 2, A. Wallace, Flash, 86; 3, A. Clark, Cap, 72; 4, M. Davidson (Wooler) Biddy, 71; 5, S. Smith (Seahouses) Kim, 70; 6, R. Macrae, Cole, 68.
Novice, B. Bennett (Embleton) Jill, 66.
RAINOW, Charity Trial, Lamaload Road, Rainow, Cheshire, (D. Wood, Derwent Valley) Open (38 ran) 1, Richard Hutchinson (Littledale) Sweep, 96 of 100; 2, J. Palmer (Twiston) Dot, 87 OLF; 3, C. Mellin (Oakworth) Moor Lodge Mirk, 87; 4, Richard Hutchinson, Wenndale Roy, 84; 5, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bob, 78; 6, C. Pickford (Rainow) Chappie, 77.
Money raised for 2012 English National was £200.
WINDERMERE, Town End Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria, (J. Brooks, Kendal) Nursery (19 ran) 1, A. Temple (Holmrook) Jill, 81 of 90; 2, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Fern, 79; 3, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Meg, 77; 4, A. Temple, Flint, 75; 5, D. Harrison (Selside) Macca, 73; 6, D. Bolland (Quernmore) Pepper, 70.
New handler, G. Bell (Barrow in Furness) Ross.
SURREY, Feltons Farm, Brockham, Surrey, (F. Bradley, New Malden) Nursery (27 ran) 1, P. Heuvelman (Holland) Sue, 81 of 100; 2, J. Marsh (Goddards Green) Jill, 72; 3, R. Moore (Horsham) Nidderdale Rebel, 64.
Novice, 1, S. Walker (Stelling Minnis) Pearl, 66 of 100; 2, P. Mayhew (Cross in Hand) Marri, 57; 3, B. Temple (Berks) Gail, 30.
CLOUGH HEAD, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire, (T. Lawrenson, Brindle) Open (37 ran) 1, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Tess, 80 of 90 OLF; 2, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Max, 80; 3, F. Cleary (Tockholes) Dan, 77; 4, F. Cleary, Peg, 68; 5, C. Kempson (Cowpe) Ned, 67 OLF; 6, C. Kempson, Tess, 67.
NORTHERN, Hamsteels Hall, Quebec, Co Durham, (B. Jordan, Whitfield) Nursery (31 ran) 1, J. Brunton (Marske) Moe, 83 of 100; 2, Robert Hutchinson (Bowes) Roxy, 82; 3, J. Edgar (Consett) Jess, 77; 4, A. Hunter (Redmire) Gayle, 75; 5, J. Edgar, Joy, 73; 6, E. Gautier (Withernsea) Whitethorne Fern, 72.
New handler, C. Scott (Forest in Teesdale) Fran.
MID-SHIRES, Gretton Road, Harringworth, Corby, Northamptonshire, (C. Neal, Wormegay) Nursery (46 ran) 1, B. Smith (Ashbourne) Ben, 81 of 90; 2, G. Clark (South Normanton) Bracken, 75; 3, A. Brookes (Stanion) Lad, 68 OLF; 4, A. Hughes (Carnoustie) Tim, 68; 5, A. Brookes, Jess, 66; 6, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Holly, 64.
Novice, 1, S. Jarvis (Binbrook) Cim, 65 of 90; 2, A. Tomkinson (Melton Mowbray) Floss, 63.
Open, S. Little (Kerdiston) Foxy, 92 of 100.

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