Double success for Jock Welsh’s Tanhill Nap

THE bad weather imposed restrictions on the ferries, thus reducing the field at Brodick where the North Country Cheviots ran well, although they were not easily managed at hand.

The course was good, with clear viewing, due to the ground sloping gently down from the starting post.

Jock Welsh’s Tanhill Nap (A. Baines’ Tanhill Rick and Tanhill Meg) had an excellent run, with flawless work outbye, very good driving with neat turns and only minor points dropped in the close work.

Bobby Middleton’s Bet (M. Condie’s Rock and Fenn) worked very steadily over the course, with no holes in the run, but minor points over the piece.

In its 40th year, the trial included three handlers who had participated in the inaugural event. On that occasion, David Shennan judged the trial, placing John Templeton first, ahead of Peter Hetherington who also ran.


The Blackface hoggs at Tomatin were very lively, proving difficult to pen and shed, and some handlers retired at the pen. The course had an uphill fetch and a compact drive called for quick turns and alignments.

Jock Welsh’s Tanhill Nap worked consistently, taking the lead in an early afternoon run.

He ran steadily, losing only minor points over the course, but the hoggs repeatedly tried to break from the pen in ones and twos, although Nap managed to stop them in their tracks without too much difficulty.

Late in the day, John MacKillop’s Straid Kep (S.L. Davidson’s Rob, D. Young’s Straid May) worked very well outbye and at hand.

The hoggs tested Kep’s ability to make quick turns on the short drives and although the flaws were not massive, the drive cost John the trial.

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