Orange marmalade

This is a simple, minimum fuss recipe, made using simple ingredients, which creates a marmalade that is ready to eat whenever it takes your fancy.

This recipe was sent in by Mrs Baines from Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Four bitter oranges
One sweet orange
Three pints of water to each 454g (1 lb) of fruit
680g (11/2 lb) of sugar to each pound of pulp


1. Wash fruit and squeeze out the juice.

2. Place pips in a muslin bag and put all the fruit through a food processor.

3. Stand in water with the pips and juice and leave for 24 hours.

4. Boil the mixture for two hours until chips are tender and the water has reduced by half. Leave to stand for 24 hours, then squeeze out the bag of pips.

5. Add 680g (11/2 lb) of sugar to each pound of pulp, then boil again for around 20-30 minutes until it turns to jelly.

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