John Davies: Late nights and early morning as lambing gets into full swing

WE’RE in the middle of lambing - late nights and early mornings and a French student we’ve had for a few weeks was really keen. After the first few days of sign language and demonstrating, it got easier.

The weather has been great and ewes and lambs are able to go out quickly. We had a couple of slips and small lambs early on, but it has settled down and we’re having some really big lambs.

The single ewes were gathered off the range at the beginning of March and will go back with lambs late April. We have hauled some silage bales back from Lampeter, enabling us to save some clamp silage, so it now looks like we’ll have enough to see us through.

The lower fields have had fertiliser and we are waiting for a load of bulk fertiliser at a really good price but has been described to me as being ‘distressed’. Whether I will be distressed after spreading it remains to be seen – I’ll keep you posted.

We had a couple of slips and small lambs early on but it has settled down and we’re having some really big lambs

John Davies

We have had some trouble with calves scouring and lost a couple even though we were bagging them every few hours. We’ve had a change of plan and are now turning them out up Pentwyn as soon as they calve.

We have been selling Welsh Blacks every couple of weeks and had one 4+ last week, with the rest all 4s, so we’ll have to watch we don’t over cook them.

We’ve been injecting slurry at home and it has worked very well - a better response and less taint on the grass. It also helps reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, which was the subject of Professor Gareth Edwards Jones’ presentation at the recent RWAS FRAgS spring meeting.

Let’s hope a holistic approach can be taken to carbon footprinting and the good work going on with carbon sequestration is properly recognised.

Off-farm, we travelled to Cardiff with the boys’ rugby for our Blues Cup quarter final. Llanishen under 10’s have not been beaten many times in the last couple of seasons.

It was a really thrilling encounter, which we just won by 7 points to 5, so we are eagerly awaiting the semi-final draw.

Builth YFC was also successful in Swansea in the Wales YFC English Entertainment competition. We wish them luck in Blackpool.

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