John Davies: Dry weather keeps us silaging

W’e’ve been really busy with silage contracting over the past month. Thank goodness, after the last two years, it’s been a much easier year, with a few dry weeks enabling us to keep well up to date.

The harvester has gone well, apart from an early problem with one of the main bearings. Luckily there was a demonstrator available, which we were able to have within a couple of hours, for which I was very grateful.

We’ve also had a 10m Reco rake on demo. It seems pretty good, and increases output using less fuel.

We have gathered the nearby military range and shorn the hill ewes. The range is very busy at the moment, with troops getting ready for Afghanistan. Some ewes were shot on one range, which happens occasionally.

We sold our first draw of fat lambs, which averaged just under £71. There were some E3Ls among them, which were overweight, and a couple of H’s. There’s been no luck with my request to have these sorted though. Let’s hope the euro doesn’t weaken too much, as marketing was more fun last year. One North Wales buyer I rang for a price said he’d ring back - I’m still waiting.

The dry weather has suited the lambs and it looks like we’ve got quite a few ready to go now. Let’s hope the price doesn’t drop further.

The arable crops look really well - a good job because until we have some rain, our second cut doesn’t look promising.

We travelled up to the Royal Welsh AGM at Dai Llanilar’s, who is this year’s president. He’s done a fantastic job of generating funds and enthusiasm in Ceredigion.

This year’s show promises to be quite special, as the World Shearing Championships are being held there as well. We have the Estonian shearing team staying with us in the holiday cottages.

Family-wise it’s been a hard month. Mum has been in hospital waiting for a triple heart bypass. The operation went well and she is recovering well and hopes to go to the show for one day.

After suffering ill health for a couple of years, Menna’s dad passed away. He was always supportive and offered wise counsel. We shall miss him.

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