John Davies: Demonstration plots are sown for next year’s Royal Welsh Grassland event

Continuing our series, charting the ups and downs of seven farmers around the country, we find out what’s been happening on-farm in Powys.

This month started off well with a farm walk with Brian Davies and family at Danyreglwys Farm. We saw some excellent stock with the beautiful backdrop of the Beacons between the rain showers.

At home, we have been doing some shed maintenance and we also scanned some cows; the dry ones will be heading to market. Let’s hope the trade holds.

We went to watch my brothers selling their Mule ewe lambs. The eldest, Gwyn, made £110 per head and Eifion’s £100. We have kept all ours for the last few years, but I am tempted to find a few at this trade.

I also made it to the NSA tup sale in Builth. The best sold well but trade for others was mixed. I suppose with fewer ewes about, not so many tups are needed.

We decided to house some cows, calves and dry cattle. It was getting so wet they were poaching the fields quite badly. I should have done it sooner because within a week, it has dried up and the sun is shining.

The grass seed is coming on well. The Ibers and British Seed House crew sowed the small demonstration plots in the meadow on September 23.

The good weather allowed us to finish our last silage contract

I was concerned it was a little late, but they seem to have germinated well. The good weather also allowed us to finish our last silage contract. We have bought a maize header and kit for the forager so the next job will be fitting it.

I spent some time in the office finalising all our records for the annual Farm Assurance inspection. The inspector was very thorough but we came through without any hitches.

And I am getting busier with my Royal Welsh commitments. Events are being held regularly and the fun and momentum is building.

We took six Welsh Blacks to Dovecote and had a few 4+. I should have drawn them a bit sooner I guess, but I’m sure they will eat well.

There was an excellent trade in Brecon last week for store cattle - I am tempted to try some Charolais and Limousins there next month.

Both YFC and rugby seasons have started again, so it is time to find my tracksuit, dubbin the boots and help all I can as YFC club leader. I sometimes wish life wasn’t so busy so I could do fewer things better.

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